Thursday, November 26, 1970

Governor Moore is starting a drive to haul away junked and abandoned automobiles. State police will obtain release of title and they will be marked for removal by the National Guard and Department of Highways to a crusher. It is being started in a nine-county area and will move on to all 55. Three or more cars constitute a junk yard and must be licensed.


The Christmas Tree for the Capital in Washington, D. C. will come from Pocahontas county this year. Tuesday, a fifty-foot Norway Spruce was to be cut on the grounds of 4-H Camp Pocahontas. A Forest Service crew from the Elkins headquarters of the Monongahela National Forest was to cut the tree and the State Road Commission loaned a derrick to lower the tree carefully to keep from breaking the branches. The branches which spread about twenty feet at the bottom, will be wrapped in burlap to protect and to facilitate shipment. Burns Motor Freight will transport the tree on a lowboy to Washington next week. The dedication which will be attended by several from Pocahontas, will be the second week in December.

The beautiful Spruce, with 15 to 20 inch trunk at cutting height, was one planted by the CCC in the thirties at what was then called Camp Thornwood.


Pearl Buck concluded her tour of West Virignia with a visit to our new Pocahontas County High School last Friday. She spoke on “her several worlds” and the “gener- ation gap” between the older nations of Asia with 5,000 years of history and the younger western nations. She charged the students with the importance of learning more about the other people of the world and somehow to learn to live in peace…


Carl Beard, executive director of the West Virginia Air Pollution Control, apologized about coming into clean air of Pocahontas to talk about pollution but his presentation was good. It was enlightening to hear that our State has the best air pollution control law in the nation and every one was pleasantly surprised to hear how much real progress has been made. His slides showed the different classes of pollutants and how they can be controlled. An unusual pollutant cited was asbestos dust coming from car brakes.

Carl, a graduate of Davis and Elkins College, was born and raised at Mill Point, the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Tom Beard.

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