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Thursday, May 27, 1970


Krellis Wimer, of Hillsboro, on two nights last week lost two lambs and one ewe to a bear. After contacting Conservation Officer Poling, at Arbovale, he gathered some farmers and dogs and went after that bear. They double-teamed on it, sending Edgar Starks and his father, Harry Starks, with Lee Dean’s dogs on around the mountain to wait until the chase came to them. Lee Dean had just recovered from an ankle injury and gotten back to work, so he couldn’t go himself.

Krellis Wimer started the dogs off from his farm on the trail, four of Argile Arbogast’s dogs and one Brownie of his own. In forty-five minutes the dogs had the bear treed at the base of Spruce Knob. Argile Arbogast was the first one to reach the spot and the bear was beginning to get angry and show signs of coming out of there. A shot hit the middle of the bear’s head, but he didn’t fall; another direct hit made sure the bear was dead, but he was still in the tree, about 35 feet up, with no branches to climb on. What a time they had poking that bear out. With it finally on the ground, they realized the bear was too big to drag out so they skinned him right there. Over six feet long, the weight was placed at 400 pounds; the bear was a dead ringer for one killed the year before, tracked from Wimer’s sheep. When they took the hide to Rexrode Taxidermists, Pendleton County, to be made into a rug, Mr. Rexrode suggested it was a litter mate, since they were so much alike.

Others on the hunt were Mr. Wimer’s brother, Rufus Wimer, of Ohio, Robert Hall, Bill Ruckman, Randall Morgan and Mike Dean.


Walter E. Jett was honored with a Superior Service Award last Wednesday in Washington, D. C., at the honor ceremonies of the Department of Agriculture. He was one of 94 from 50 states honored in various ways. His award reads:

“For significant contribution as a community educator in helping to develop rural resources, camps for youth, and a million dollar livestock industry for Pocahontas County, West Virginia.

Mr. Jett has been County Extension Agent in Pocahontas County since 1941, except for a three year military leave. Before joining the Extension Service, he was a teacher in the West Virginia school system. He was born in Oxford, and earned his B. S. Degree in Agriculture at West Virginia University.


Doug McMillion, 14 year old son of Carl and Gladys McMillion, of Cass, left Friday afternoon to go to Indianapolis, Indiana, to the Indianapolis 500 time trials. Doug, a carrier of the Charleston Gazette, won this trip by getting new subscribers to the Gazette for a period of time.

He is a freshman at Green Bank High School.

Honor Students

Linden Good has been named Valedictorian and Miss Rebecca Chestnut has been chosen Salutatorian of the graduating class at Green Bank High School.

Linden Good, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Good, of Durbin, has an average of 94.22.

Miss Chestnut, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Murl Chestnut, of Dunmore has an average of 93.70.

– – –

The Valedictorian of Hillsboro High School is Linda Sue Hill, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie B. Hill.

The Salutatorian of Hillsboro High School is Betty Jane Callison, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Callison, of Beard.

– – –

Marlinton High School’s class leaders at the June 4th commencement exercises will be Valedictorian Rose Ellen Waugh, daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. James Waugh, of Marlinton, and

Co-Salutatorians Margaret McCall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. H. McCall, of Marlinton, and Mary Jane Buzzard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Buzzard, of Huntersville…

The Honorable John D. Rockefeller, IV, Secretary of State, will be the speaker for Marlinton High School’s commencement exercises in the Marlinton United Metho-dist Church.


This is Marlinton High School’s first year for having track meets and they have had a very successful year.

Team members are: Jerry Stewart, Bill White, Steve Bowling, Tom McLaughlin, Mike Broce, Gilbert Dean, John George, Jack Goldizen, Kenneth Shearer, Teddy Moore, Marvin Beverage, Danny Armstrong, Rusty Friel, Edwin White, James Dilley, manager, Oran Nelson, John Baxter, Roger Sharp, Russell Dunbrack, Bubby Barb, Steve Barnisky, manager, Willie Sparks, Jimmy Smith, Larry Lacy, Mike Anderson, Terry Bennett, Johnnie Cain, Tom Morrison, David Cain, Joe White, Terry Richardson, Doug Wagner. Charles Hamer is the Coach.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Grimes, of Hunters-ville, a daughter, named Ronda Kay.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Simmons, of Alexandria, Virginia, a son, named Harold Eugene.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Thomas, of Beltsville, Maryland, a daughter, named Paula Gail.

Born to Airman First Class and Mrs. Patrick Kyle, of Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico, a son, named William Edward.


Henry Madison Warren, 80, of Marlinton; born at Red Bank, a son of the late John Cornelius and Mary Elizabeth Snyder Warren. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

Mrs. Anna F. Morrison Dameron, 69, of Hillsboro, burial in the Kellison Cemetery at Jacox.

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