Thursday, March 26, 1970

TV Program

“Do the impossible,” must have been the command given to start many of the projects shown on a Bell System special, “It Couldn’t Be Done.”

One such project was the observatory at Green Bank. See it on the NBC TV program, along with the Erie Canal and the Golden Gate Bridge…

To St. Louis

Mayor Jim Waugh, J. E. Tibbs and Fred Burns, Jr., flew to St. Louis, Missouri, over the weekend and met with the International Shoe Company regarding the acquisition of the Tannery property for an industrial site. They feel it was a fruitful beginning.

FFA Ham and Bacon Show

Pocahontas exhibitors at the FFA Ham and Bacon Show in Lewisburg were Linden Good, Durbin; Buster Waybright, Bartow; William Galford, Mike Crist, Dennis Hunter, Arbovale; Ray and Roy Taylor, Dunmore; James Sheets and Richard Ryder, Cass; Dave McLaughlin, Daniel Vandevender, Steve Hamed, Robert Oliver, Green Bank; Teddy Moore, Fane Irvine, David Cain, Charles Woods, James Beverage, Greg Irvine, Lynn Jordan, Russell Dunbrack, Marlinton; John Hill and Harold Adkins, Hillsboro. Among the buyers were David Smith and the NRAO at Green Bank.

Dunmore Community Center

The Dunmore Community Center has been growing by leaps and bounds since July of 1969. At that time, the Dunmore Community Association voted to begin major improvements on the Center. Almost immediately, the partitions which had divided the main building into two rooms were torn down. Soon, new hardwood flooring was down and paneling was put on the walls. A little later, a chimney was built, and a new suspended ceiling and new lighting were installed. Many other improvements became noticeable: two ranges for the kitchen, new electrical wiring, an oil heating stove, to mention a few.

In January of this year, the annual membership meeting was held and a new Board of Directors took their seats: Cora Lee Wyatt, Albert Wilfong, Marvin Taylor, Kitty Smith, Anna Belle Schaffner, David Rittenhouse, Martha Lovelace, Ruth Horner, David Grimes, Madge Galford, Madeline Galford, Ben Galford, Everette Dilley, Jr., Mae Corbett and Bill Campbell…

Wild Birds

Along with the snow that came to Back Mountain this past weekend came the birds to their feeding station in our yard. It is always a beautiful sight to see many different kinds of birds at one time. Our feeding station is hung in a Norway Spruce in our front yard just outside the living room window and has afforded our family many happy hours of bird watching during the winter. It is not uncommon for us to see ten or more different kinds of birds feeding at one time….

There is certainly much pleasure to be gained from the simple act of feeding the birds ~ Mrs. Allie Sheets


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Smith, of Marlinton, a son, named Thomas Patrick.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Allen Wayne Liptrap, of Marlinton, a son, named Robbie Lee.


Mrs. Sadie Harriet Brown, 78, of Arbovale, a daughter of the late Isaac and Sarah Ray Keirn.
Burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.

Linda Jane Mullens, 17, daughter of Clyde and Eva Jane Davis Mullens, of Emporium, Pennsylvania, from injuries sustained in an automobile-truck collision on her way home from school. Survived by her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mullens and Mr. and Mrs. Page Davis, all of near Marlinton. Burial in Newton Cemetery.

Barbara Lee Morgan, 21, of Glenwood, Iowa. Born at Marlinton, a daughter of Wanda Peterson, of Phoenix, Arizona, and Robert Morgan, of Marlinton. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

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