Thursday, March 18, 1970


Last Thursday, Jerry Baumgardner, an engineer with the Army Corps of Engineers in Huntington, presented the plans of the Kanawha River Basin Coordinating Committee as they affect Pocahontas County. He came at the request of the Pocahontas Planning and Zoning Commission so the people of Pocahontas could learn what plans are being made by this three-state group.

At present, the No. 1 recommendation is for three dams in Pocahontas: a 1,610 acre lake on Knapps Creek, a 1,740 acre lake on Deer Creek, and an 878 acre lake at Thornwood.

The alternate plan is for the 5,400 acre lake on the Greenbrier starting five miles above Marlinton, plus the above mentioned 1,610 acre lake on Knapps Creek.

The Knapps Creek dam would be built 4.4 miles above the mouth, which is about 3,000 feet above Spice Run, and would impound waters extending possibly a mile in the bottom land above Minnehaha Springs, several miles up Browns Creek, about a mile up Cummins Creek and would cover Huntersville.

The Deer Creek dam would be built 2.9 miles above where it goes into the Greenbrier and extend up the low part behind the Observatory and cross over the road below Green Bank.

The East Fork of the Greenbrier dam would be built at Thornwood.

The big dam at Site 87 is better known, extending from above Thorny Creek to Cass.

This was just an informational meeting, not an official hearing… It is planned to have the study and recommendations ready to submit to the Federal Water Control Study this summer and from there it goes to Congress.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kelley, of Hunters-ville, a daughter, named Bessie Fay.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. James Ralph Brown, of Frankford, formerly of Marlinton, a son, named James Ralph Brown, Jr.


Carl John Galford, 60, of Cass, a son of the late John B. and Minnie Cassell Galford. Burial in the Geiger family cemetery at Stony Bottom.

William Hayes Doss, 92, of Ravenna, Ohio, formerly of Hillsboro. Burial in Oak Grove Cemetery.

Warren A. McLaughlin, 66, of Akron, Ohio; born at Stony Bottom, a son of Mrs. Cordie McLaughiln and the late George S. McLaughlin. Funeral service in Akron, followed by cremation.

Mrs. Mary Ruth Gwin McClintic, 61, of Washington, D. C., formerly of Marlinton, died from injuries sustained in an automobile accident. Burial in Arlington Cemetery.

Clinton C. Cassell, 46, of Columbus, Ohio; a son of Edward C. and June Friel Cassell, of Cass. Burial in Union Cemetery in Columbus.

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