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Thursday, February 5, 1970

The ice went out last Thursday in both the Greenbrier and Knapps Creek. In the creek, a jam formed below the turn at the Warwick Alderman place, sending ice and water over the solid ice below. This broke loose but the section at the pin mill never did break up.

We checked with Ilean Walton at Buckeye and we think the ice went out twice before Christmas, so it is supposed to go out twice afterwards. The river read 7.25 Friday morning. The flood the first week in January reached 14 feet.

– – –

Ollie Tacy was in last week and reported seeing a kingfisher and a turtle dove on Leatherbark on the 15th of January, a mighty cold day. There was only a little open water for the kingfisher to search for food.

– – –

Schools were closed at Green Bank, Cass and Durbin through Tuesday of this week due to a flu epidemic.

– – –

The new high school construction is proceeding on schedule. All of the interior of the main building is practically complete. Bids are being received for various systems and fixtures at intervals between now and June 1. The finances are also proceeding according to schedule and money is on hand for all contracts.


Delegate Thomas C. Edgar was honored at a surprise dinner in Charleston last Wednesday night. He was presented the Meritorious Service Award by the West Virginia Chapter of the National Rehabilitation Association. Mr. Edgar, who lost both legs in World War II at Bastogne, Belgium, during the Battle of the Bulge, was cited “for his dedicated support of legislation in behalf of the handicapped and his outstanding endeavor in eliminations of structural barriers.” This is his tenth year in the House of Delegates…

National Historic Site

Congressman Harley O. Staggers, of Keyser, announced this week that he had been informed by the National Park Service of the Department of the Interior that the following places in the Second District of West Virginia had been entered into “The National Register of Historic Places.”

The four historic properties are the Fairfax Stone Historic Monument in Tucker County; the Henry Clay Furnace in Monongalia County; Old Sweet Springs in Monroe Country and the Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park in Pocahontas County…


Born to Mr. and Mrs. John C. O’Brien, of Lynchburg, Virginia, a son, named Christopher Shawn.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. D. Roger Mower, Jr., of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, and Cass, a son, named Andrew Norris.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harold VanReenen, a daughter.


Cale McLaughlin, 50, a retired Chief Petty Officer and son of Elmer McLaughlin, of Huntersville. Burial in San Diego.

Carl David McNeill, 41, of Newburg, formerly of Droop Mountain. Born at Edray, the only son of Rev. Howard McNeill and Laura Barrett McNeill. Burial in the Blackwood Cemetery in Preston County.

Mrs. Myrtle Little Pifer, daughter of the late Dr. L. L. Little and Mrs. Eva C. Little. Burial in the Oak Spring Cemetery at Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania.

Forest and Ellis McChesney were called to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, by the death of their sister, Mrs. Virginia Flannigan.

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