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Thursday, October 16, 1969

Men in Service

Army Private First Class Lewis E. Lacy, 22, whose mother, Mrs. Ruth F. Lacy, lived at Seebert, was assigned to the 1st Signal Brigade in Vietnam, as a power man.

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The following is a letter we think is of interest and we thank his uncle and aunt, Dr. and Mrs. Michael Davis, for sharing it.

Dear Jean, Mike and children;

I want to thank you very much for the subscription to The Pocahontas Times and especially for the greetings in the July 17 issue. I am not sure I can put into words the effect they have as a morale builder, but I’ll try.

As you may know, over here no one refers to the “U. S.” or the “States;” any place out of Vietnam is referred to as “the world.” It is totally appropriate because this is like a completely different world over here.

Since I have spent the greater part of my life back in “the world” that is where my interests lie. It is good to know that people back in the world are interested in me over here. It is also great to read a newspaper that concerns itself with births, deaths, parties and generally people. The names may be different but that is the life I remember. It is a far cry from the murders, riots, demonstrations, etc. that dominate the national press.

We have been pretty busy over here, having moved four times in the last month. Of course, every time we move, we have to rebuild. This means filling an infinite number of sandbags, stringing mile upon mile of wire, etc. Our present location is the top of Back Mo Mountain which at one time was a French vacation resort. It is the highest peak in the area and on a clear day, we can see North Vietnam, Laos, the South China Sea, Hue, and the A Shou Valley.

Of course, there are disadvantages; the weather is hot during the day, cold at night, mainly due to the wind which averages 60 knots per hour; the helicopters kick up dust all day, and I sleep about 15 yards from a 155MM howitzer which fires in the middle of the night.

All in all, I would have to say I earn every penny of the $65 extra I get for being in a combat zone.

Jimmy (Russell)


Marlinton High School’s Homecoming went off smoothly and about 250 alumni signed the register. Mrs. Pearl Carter Ward took the honors for the earliest class – 1917; H. A. Yeager – 1922. Edray District High School first, then Marlinton High School, next year joining in Pocahontas High School.

Good Kicking

Pocahontas County boys are doing an outstanding job in the kicking field of football. George Meadows, of Marlinton, on West Virginia Tech’s team, is the leading punter for the West Virginia Collegiate Conference, with Harry McCloud, of Concord’s team, ranking second. Coming up in the ranks is Roger Sharp, a freshman on Marlinton High’s team, who kicked a field goal, extra points, and punted in Marlinton’s 38-12 victory over Gilmer County Friday night. Roger made an excellent record in the Punt, Pass and Kick competition several years, which proves the worth in this training.

4-H News

The Green Valley Loyal Workers 4-H Club meeting was called to order by the president Jane Callison, followed by the song and pledge. A report on the county fair was given by Kerry Kesler and Susan Hefner.

A game, Upset the Barnyard, was played, arranging all the members together to begin the election of new officers.

Barbara Wade, President; Lori Rose, Vice-President; Lana Gilkerson, Secretary; Susan Chappell, Treasurer; Jane Callison, Reporter; Caroline Rose and Shirley Beverage, Game Leaders; Cheryl Wade and Richard Gilbert, Song Leaders.

Officer handbooks were given out to the new officers. Registration cards were given out to sign up for the new year.

The next meeting will be held at Wade’s house at Hillsboro. Barbara will be the club’s anniversary president since 1970 is the tenth year for the organization of the club.

Reporter, Jane Callison


Born to ADJAN and Mrs. Marion M. Madison, a son. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. William Oscar. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Pete Madison.


Mrs. Mary Katherine (Kate) McLaughlin Galford, 95, of Dunmore, a daughter of the late Robert and Martha Rusmisell McLaughlin. Burial in the Dunmore Cemetery.

Shirley Virginia Lane, 34, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; born at Mill Point a daughter of Mrs. Laura Lane. Burial in the Oak Grove Cemetery.

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