Thursday, May 1, 1969


This is written before any town candidates have been nominated so we direct it to all candidates. We think all town councils should face anew the fact that town governments exist to provide services and protection for their citizens and that these are paid for by the citizens. Acknowledged is the fact that acting as a town official is a thankless service and a headache and also that tax money is never sufficient for the needs; nevertheless, it is a necessary burden for someone and can be a useful expression of every person’s need for public service.

Of particular moment to Marlinton right now is a night policeman. We understand merchants can’t get burglary insurance because of this lack. More important, we think a night patrolman would be a deterrent to the rash of burglaries and aid in fire protection.

Golden Horseshoe

Five winners have been named for Pocahontas County in the West Virginia Golden Horseshoe tests, with no scores announced as yet.

William R. Gillispie and Randall H. Hevener, both of Durbin Elementary School; Charlene F. Hogan and Susan E. Crews, both of Green Bank Elementary School; Mary G. Eaton, of Marlinton Grade Departmental.

These West Virginia scholars will go to Charleston May 9 to be dubbed Knights and Ladies of the Golden Horseshoe.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sharp, of Mill Point, a daughter, named Kimberly Kay.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lefford Kidd, Jr., of Plainfield, New Jersey, a daughter, named Melissa Jane.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Wallace, of Hinton, a son, named James Wilbur.


P.F.C. James O. Daugherty departed this life in Vietnam, April 4, 1969. Born at Leslie, he was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Daugherty, of Clover Lick. Burial in the Gilfield Baptist Church Cemetery in Charles City.

Clinton Harper Hill, 67, of Hillsboro; born at Jacox, a son of the late George P. and Sophia Morrison Hill. Burial in the Oak Grove Cemetery.

Oney Edward Plyer, 68, of Cass; born in Cortez, Pennsylvania, a son of the late Calvin and Sophia Spike Plyer. Burial in the Cochran Cemetery.

Mrs. Edith Alberta Ervine Bussard, 84, of Minnehaha Springs, a daughter of the late George Mack and Elizabeth Ervine. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

Homer Reed Curry, 74, of Huntington; born at Marlinton, a son of the late John Warrick and Catherine Moore Curry. Burial in Ridgelawn Memorial Park.

Mrs. Hattie Ellen Nelson, 72, of Durbin; burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.

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