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Thursday, December 19, 1968

Obituary of a Wise Old Buck

Old Crooked Foot of Crooked Fork, born sometime before 1959, died peaceably December 5, 1968, between the two old grades near the Rock Low place in Crooked Fork of Elk, by one 30-30 bullet fired by Jackie Gibson.

Practically all local hunters of Elk, Edray, Woodrow and Williams River have known and hunted him since the late fifties. His right front leg always made a peculiar track in the snow, so we named him old Crooked Foot and every year since 1959, we always gave him chase and sometime we could get sight of him, sometimes getting a shot at him, although he always managed to survive. Many a mile we have tracked him and each and every time he would outsmart us and we would have to come home tired and hungry hoping for another day or another season to get the pleasure of seeing him or having the thrill of getting him for our trophy, and or hunting tales, as we grow older.

Thursday was a cold and windy day with about four inches of snow on Crooked Fork and all four of us hunters were about frozen and almost ready to give up the hunt when Crooked Foot walked out on our last drive of the day and made his last and fatal mistake by letting young Jackie Gibson take aim and putting him down to rest with a bullet directly through his heart.

We found that old Crooked Foot did not really have a crooked foot, but he only had three feet and his right front leg had been shot off years ago between the ankle and knee, and had grown over to be a fine peg leg. He had 18 points to his horns and was in good shape although not too awfully fat, and I would guess before he was hog dressed he would go about 225 pounds.

Now that he is gone, us Crooked Fork hunters will miss our favorite old timer.

Jackie Gibson, Jim Gibson, Don Sharp, Odie Cutlip and all the hunters who knew of him.


Mrs. Charles McQuain, Jr., of Dunmore, says there may not have been any human accident injuries during hunting season, but their television set got shot.

The McQuains live in a mobile home and about 8:30 one morning, the television set started popping. After disconnecting it and moving it on the porch, the picture tube continued popping and breaking other tubes for five minutes. They found where a bullet from a deer hunter’s gun had gone through the side of the house and into the TV set.

Providentially, the little boy wasn’t interested in the Today Show, so he wasn’t at his customary place in front of the set; also the set had been moved a little or the bullet would have gone on through the room.

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