Thursday, December 5, 1968

Missing in Action

Mrs. D. W. Williams was notified Tuesday morning that her son, John Ray “Chipper” Williams, has been missing near Da Nang, Viet Nam, since Thanksgiving Day.

Remember Our Flag

Pearl Harbor Day is December 7th. Let’s all display our Flag proudly. Our Flag stands for the hard work and sacrifice of millions of Americans who have helped to make our Country one of the greatest nations on earth. Remember to salute during the raising or lowering of the Flag and when the Flag is passing in a Parade – V. F. W. Auxiliary


Early Friday morning, fire destroyed a house at Stillwell occupied by Dewey McLaughlin and family. Mrs. McLaughlin was burned over half of her body and she was taken to the Burn Hospital at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond.


A helicopter came in on Tea Creek Mountain Friday, let out some men with chain saws, and returned about an hour later to lift out a wrecked airplane. It was carried to Joe Roy’s residence to be taken to Huntington.


William Akers killed a coon Friday which would probably break some records in the heavy weight class. It tipped the scales at twenty-one and a half pounds and was shot on the Luster Shrader farm above Hunters-ville. Raymond Bowers and then Akers himself were telling about the coon and up cropped an old coon story told for many years on Lum Riddle, so it ought to be good for such a big coon as this.

A good coon dog, properly trained, can save a man a lot of work, and Lum had a jewel of a dog, which gave him a little more time in the rocking chair. He had that dog trained so all he had to do was put the pelt board out on the porch and the dog would size it up, take off, and come back with a coon, whose skin would make a perfect fit for the board. One day he was busy outside and he heard that dog give a sort of bewildered yelp and then saw him take off to the woods. That dog hasn’t come back yet. He is still trying to find a coon big enough for the out-sized ironing board Lum’s wife left on the porch after she finished her work!

When William Akers came home and saw the ironing board on his porch, he knew why he had to wait three hours for his coon dog to find that big coon.

White Deer

Harold Carpenter killed a white deer in the Buckleys over Knapps Creek from the Chris Ryder place on Thursday. Harry Nuckoles was his hunting partner. Harry Nuckoles saw the white deer in the woods the Saturday before the hunting season opened and they had been looking for it all week. The eight-point buck had a beautiful coat and weighed about 100 pounds hog dressed. The head and skin were given to W. E. Blackhurst to be mounted for his Wildlife Museum at Cass. This would be classed an albino, Blachurst thinks, though the hooves weren’t white and there was some coloring on the head. It was a little shorter than the ordinary deer, but where there is one abnormality, there are often others.

Allegheny Lodge at Minnehaha Springs has a small herd of white deer which got out last summer and were not all recaptured, but they are all white and have flat horns.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gay, of Morgantown, a daughter, named Rachel Lynn.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Roger Lee Sharp, of Buckeye, a son, named Roger Lee, II.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Albert Morgan, of Hillsboro, a son, named Andrew Albert.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Arbogast, of Durbin, a daughter, named Kimberly Ann.


Mrs. Minnie Galford, 64; burial in the Cochran Cemetery.

Mrs. Bessie Ann Cassell McLaughlin, 86, formerly of Cass; burial in the Wanless Cemetery on Back Mountain.

W. W. Wiseman, 63, of Spokane, Washington; a son of the late M. T. and Ruth Wiseman. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

Earl F. Price, 45, of New York City, formerly of Durbin; a son of Mr. and Mrs. William Price, of Durbin. Earl left West Virginia in 1943, when he joined the Navy in World War II. He served on the U. S. S. Concord that fired the last shot of the War. Burial in Bethel Cemetery on Back Mountain.

Mrs. Retha Irine Allen Scott, 69, of Street, Maryland, formerly of Renick; a daughter of the late Walter T. Allen and Minnie Allen. Burial in Whiting Cemetery.

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