Thursday, October 24, 1968

Mrs. Walls, of Seebert, found a hornet’s nest on her rose bush not over two feet from the ground. This is supposed to predict a mild winter. We hope so any way.

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Lee Boggs, 11 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Boggs, of Marlinton, killed his first squirrel Saturday.

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A new home is being constructed in Smith Addition for Mr. and Mrs. Richard Eddy. The builder is Bernard Shears, of Arbovale.

Dear Editor:

I knew your father quite well having been a citizen of West Virginia since 1900. Having read your article on the Big White Oak of Tucker County, I would like to call to your attention a big hemlock that fell down on Williams River, which had 8 steps chopped out on each side about 18 inches apart, the first step being about 30 inches from the ground. This tree fell across a trail that was used to go up and down the river. Probably Fred Galford or Toby Riddle’s relatives remember this tree, also Mr. Hammons’ folks who lived for years on Williams River. I am satisfied this tree was near 15 foot straight through. Many hunts I have taken on this river in Pocahontas County, and I know many of the old hunters and quite a few of the younger generation. It is quite a shock to us old hunters to look upon the woods of today and recall what they used to be. True is the scripture which says we become weaker and wiser. Little by little mankind uses up what God gave to all mankind of all things as we get nearer the end.

Punt, Pass and Kick


Age group 8 – 1st place: Mark Douglas Waslo, Arbovale; 2nd place, Gary Michael Long, Buckeye; 3rd place: William Dilley, Dunmore.

Age group 9 – 1st place: Marty Beverage, Buckeye; 2nd place: Randall Lee Broyles, Marlinton; 3rd place: Paul McNeill, Buckeye.

Age group 10 – 1st place: James Edward Cutlip, Marlinton; 2nd place: John Joseph Totten, Marlinton; 3rd place: Charles Albert Wilfong, Dunmore.

Age group 11 – 1st place: Mark Edward Mitchell, Marlinton; 2nd place: Randall Wade Irvine, Marlinton; 3rd place, Cecil Wayne Moats, Dunmore.

Age group 12 – 1st place: Matthew Withers, Marlinton; 2nd place: Gary Sharp, Marlinton; 3rd place: Robert Edward Long, Buckeye.

Age group 13 – 1st place: Thomas E. Moore, Marlinton; 2nd place: Maurice Boggs, Marlinton: 3rd place: Thomas M. Moore, Jr., Marlinton.


Marlinton continued its winning streak by defeating Ansted 53 – 0 last Friday in the rain. This was the eighth win this year and twentieth consecutive win, stretching back to the 1966 season. On the point system of the West Virginia Secondary Schools Activities Commission, Marlinton ranks second in Class A, with 9.0 points behind Monongah, also undefeated, with eight victories, with 11.6 points… Monongah played in the Class AA playoff last year but changing the quota of boys from 115 to 140 for a Class A school put it in Class A this year.

The point system is based on the games won and also the games won by the opponents. More points are given for winning over bigger schools. Several of Marlinton’s opponents came down from Class AA this year.

As it looks now, Monongah and Marlinton will be in the State Play-off if they remain undefeated.

Statistics for the Marlinton team thus far are 2,773 yards gained rushing, 1,007 yards by passing, with 411 points for us and 77 points for the opponents.

Individual statistics are: Ivan Withers, 17 touchdowns, four extra points, total 106 points, 845 yards rushing, 206 yards receiving, total 1,051 yards.

Mike Cain, 16 touchdowns, 96 points, 772 yards rushing, 387 yards passing, 98 yards receiving, total 1,257.

Teddy Dunbrack, nine touchdowns, 39 extra points, total 93 points, 526 yards rushing, 316 yards passing, 124 yards receiving, total 966 yards.

Don Galford, five touchdowns, three extra points, total 33 points, caught 20 passes for 438 yards.

Article Published

Coach Elmer Friel, of Marlinton High School, had an article, titled “High School Single Wing Synopsis,” in the August issue of The Coaching Clinic, a national magazine for coaches. The article contained ideas, drills and techniques on the single-wing formation used so successfully by Coach Friel in his eight years at Marlinton. His teams had completed a record of 58 wins, 18 losses, and three ties, three undefeated seasons (1962, 1964 and 1967), two Conference champions and a State Championship last year. The article shows the basis for the success of the teams, good physical conditioning, thorough grounding in fundamentals with versatility in strategy, based on good, all-around players. The single-wing formation has the advantage that not many teams are familiar with it today.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wingo, of Harrison, Tennessee, a son, named Carl David. The mother is the former Linda Wooddell.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Glade Raymond Fertig, Jr., a daughter, Karen Anne.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mullens, of Buckeye, a son, named Randy Lee.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Pritt, of Renick, a daughter, named Debra Lynn.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tacy, of Marlinton, a daughter, named Judith Ann.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. David Shaw, of Marlinton, a son, named John David.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brockway, of Bartow, a son.

Born to Dr. and Mrs. Virgil Lee Curry, of College Park, Georgia, a son, named Virgil Lee Curry, II. Grandparents are Lee Ruckman and Mr. and Mrs. I. B. Curry.


Mrs. Ruby Ann Galford Ware, 50, of Marlinton; born at Dunmore, a daughter of Marion and Ocie Waugh Galford. Burial in the Gibson Cemetery.

Master Sergeant William C. Plyler, 51, of Lockbourne Air Force Base, Ohio; a 1936 graduate of Green Bank High School. Funeral in the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Rainelle; burial in the End of the Trail Cemetery.

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