Thursday, September 19, 1968

Wounded in Action

Sp-4 Joel S. Callison was wounded August 22 in Viet Nam, receiving a grenade shrapnel wound in the left shoulder. He is recovering satisfactorily in the 91st Evacuation hospital at Tuyhoa, Viet Nam, where he has been awarded the Purple Heart.

Our Boys and Girls in Service

Staff Sergeant Edward G. Rockafellow, son of Edward G. Rockafellow, of Mount Morris, Michigan, has completed the special U. S. Air Force recruiter course at Lackland AFB, Texas. Sergeant Rockafellow, previously assigned to Udorn Royal Thai AFB, Thailand, will be an official Air Force recruiter at Charleston. He was picked for the special assignment as a volunteer with an outstanding military record…

Sergeant David McLaughlin, son of Mrs. Geraldine McLaughlin, of Buckeye, is home on furlough after a tour of duty in Viet Nam. He will report next month to Fort Rucker, Alabama.

Thomas R. Kennedy has re-enlisted in the Army for the third time, and is now stationed at Camp Evans, south of the DMZ, about 10 miles inland from the South China Sea.

Army Staff Sergeant Julian L. Gillispie recently spent a holiday in Hawaii with his wife, Joyce, of Green Bank. The vacation was made possible through a special army policy granting leaves to servicemen in Vietnam to visit with their wives and families in Hawaii…

SP-4 Ellen Schoolcraft was home on leave visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James G. Schoolcraft, of Buckeye, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Barrett and sons, of Edray, and Miss Minnie Faye McLaughlin, of Marlinton, and others… Sp-4 Schoolcraft is a 1967 graduate of Marlinton High School and is presently stationed at Fort McClellan, Alabama.

PFC Thomas W. Buchovac writes from Vietnam where he is stationed near Binh Khe. Since he went to that strange land in March of this year, he says he has moved to and fro, south to north, east to west, digging bunkers, piling sandbags, working hard all day, standing guard at night to keep their guns safe… Buchovac’s home is now at Wellsburg, but he lived at Dunmore for 15 years and is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Sharp, of Dunmore.


Paige and David Hinson left last Monday after spending a month with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Steptoe Washington.
Rev. Howard Hinson, of Jefferson City, Missouri, spent a few days with his foster parents. He preached the first night at Pleasant Green Church.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gay and two children recently returned to Uganda, East Africa, after a three weeks’ visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Gay, at Buckeye, and her parents in Russell, Ohio… The Gays will be in Africa another year until West Virginia University’s agriculture development program is completed there.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Herman R. Keene, of Hillsboro, a son, named Eric Bradley.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Daugherty, of Clover Lick, a daughter, named Victoria Marie.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. William Morrison, of Fairlea, a son, named William Brian.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Rick Hedrick, of Salem, Virginia, a son, named Richard Jeryl. The mother is the former Irma Collins, of Durbin.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Carter, of Chesapeake, Ohio, a daughter, named Susan Patricia. The mother is the former Pat Shafer.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Howard, of Buckhannon, a daughter, named Edwina Floy. The mother is the former Geraldine Dilley, daughter of Mrs. Pearl Dilley.


Oulbert Samuel Morrison, 47, of Whitesville, was killed Tuesday, September 17, 1968, when he was caught in some mining machinery at the Keesler Coal Company, Blue Pennant Mine. He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Winters Morrison, of Hillsboro. Burial in the Oak Grove Cemetery.

Vernon Lee Starcher, 22, of Marlinton, was killed Wednesday night, September 11, 1968, one mile west of Warm Springs, Virginia, when his car went over a bank and crashed into a tree. He was alone in the car. Burial in Meadowland Cemetery at Bergoo.

Chester Bourbon Nicely, 84, of Cass; burial in the Wanless Cemetery.

Harold Keith Wilt, 65, of Marlinton; burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

Mrs. Bessie Regina Baxter Pritchard, 83, of Dunmore, a daughter of the late George and Margaret Cassell Pritchard; burial in the Dunmore Cemetery.

Price Pershing Moore, 49, died a few hours after he slipped from a truck and a log fell on him near his home on Knapps Creek. A son of the late Price and Myrtle Herold Moore. Burial in the Moore Family Cemetery.

Gary Junior Heavener, 11, of Monterville; a son of Ralph and Ernestine Moore Heavener, of Cass.

Harry C. Kincaid, 64, of Ubly, Michigan; born in Marlinton, a son of the late Charles D. and Susan Boswell Kincaid. Burial in Ubly Cemetery.

George E. Sewell, 39, of North Madison, Ohio. Burial in the Madison Memorial Cemetery.

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