Thursday, August 8, 1968

Mrs. T. D. Moore seems to have an eye for four-leaf clovers. On July 9, she found 23 four-leaf and five five-leaf clovers; on the 23rd, she found 28 four-leaf, and on the 26th she found 10 four-leaf and one five-leaf clover, all on one small plot.

– – –

The write-up seems to have gotten lost, but a little while back, “Ratty” Thomas, Mirl Brewster, and a few others were startled to see a boy riding a bicycle right down the middle of the Greenbrier River above the Tannery at Marlinton. The water was about three feet deep.

Hill Reunion

Arch Moore will speak at the Hill Reunion at Droop Mountain State Park August 18, at about 2 or 2:30 p.m. Mr. Moore, United States Congressman, is a candidate for Governor. At the Memorial Service at 11 a.m., Miss Della Boggs, Bel Air, Maryland, will make the main address. Miss Boggs, who was born at Renick, is a missionary in Africa, home on furlough.

Town Council

On Friday night, a bid by Forrest McChesney for garbage collection for $9,000 a year was presented and accepted. Due to increased cost of labor and materials, the council has to increase the garbage fee effective August 1, from $1 to $1.50 per month for residents and fifty percent increase for businesses according to the classifications.

Board of Education

The Board accepted the bids made on the following schoolhouses:

Cummings Creek – Pyles Heirs, $484
West Droop – Plummer Cutlip, $2,025
Seneca Trail – Community of Slaty Fork, $6,250
Woodrow – Land went back to the Galford family, and they purchased the building for $746.80…


Davis – Friel

The Campbelltown Meth-odist Church was the setting for the Sunday, June 30, 1968, wedding and reception of Miss Linda Kay Friel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Friel, and Clarence Davis, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Davis, all of Marlinton.

The Rev. Francis Gum officiated at the double ring ceremony…


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sullivan, of Ansted, a son, named Kevin Douglas. The mother is the former Zoe Carpenter.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Vency Dilley, Jr., of Annapolis, Maryland, a son, named Vency Floyd, III.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Bob Cornwell, of Marlinton, a son, named John Alex.


Mrs. Gertrude Florence Ralston Blackhurst, 77, former resident of Cass; born at Dunmore, a daughter of the late Adam William and Mary Lou Colaw Smith. Burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.

Harper Barrett, 72, of Minnehaha Springs; born at Beard, a son of the late Abraham and Susan Cochran Barrett. Burial in the McLaughlin Cemetery.

Arthur Samuel Friel, 65, of Marlinton, a son of the late Charles and Laura Jane Ware Friel. Burial in the Fairiew Cemetery.

Lloyd Winifred Hiner, 75, of Mountain Grove, Virginia, a son of the late James and Virdelia Meeks Hiner. Burial in the Mountain Grove Cemetery.

Mrs. Melvina Perry Tharp, 85, of Buckhannon; born at Hillsboro, a daughter of the late Andrew Perry and Susan M. Cutlip Perry. Burial in the Heavner Cemetery.

Roy Archie Wood, 23, of Mingo, a son of Clarence E. and Olieva Wood, of Mingo. Burial in the Mingo Cemetery.