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Thursday, February 29, 1968

On Saturday, February 24, at 12:30 p.m., 104 students from the Hillsboro fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades were scheduled to participate in the first of a series of 10 emergency preparedness programs shown on Channel 6, WHIS TV in Bluefield.

Five hundred and five students from the remaining schools in the county will get this opportunity to begin the series Saturday, March 2, at 5:00 p.m. on Channel 7, WDBJ in Roanoke.

After students have participated in these programs, they will be better prepared to meet with emergencies that result from fires, floods, nuclear explosions, and other hazards.

A TV Action Manual is provided for each student who is enrolled, according to Ellsworth Buck, County Extension Agent.


Misfortune struck again Sunday afternoon when a boiler exploded at the El Poca Motel. The explosion knocked out the outer walls of the furnace room and damaged the dining room and kitchen walls. Jim Webb was knocked down and suffered light burns about the head.

Mrs. Edna Webb purchased the motel only last week after losing her Alpine Hotel and Restaurant in the big January 2 fire. Damage to the motel was estimated by Fire Chief Burns to be from three to five thousand dollars.

By Franz L. Pogge
University of the Outdoors

These days we hear so much about education and of sending our youngsters to a college or university somewhere. Actually we don’t have to travel, very far, for we have a University right here in Marlinton – the University of the Outdoors
The University of the Outdoors has no enrollment, no academic standards, no classes, no degree program. Yet it rivals any college or university in the country for depth in subject matter. It has one of the best faculties you can find anywhere on the subject, living right here, in and around Marlinton. This university teaches everyone who is willing to listen, and classes consist of any number of people getting together with the faculty at the poolroom, around a cup of coffee, or over the telephone.

If you want to learn something about forest management, you can turn to Vearl Haynes or Fred Fromhart; in silviculture to Gerry Brenner, George Freeland or James Schaffner.

You can learn all about wildlife management from James Pack, fish management from William Evans or Edwin White.

If ecology – the science of what eats what – is your field, you can turn to Wayne Bailey.

Recreation is taught by Richard Dale, Kenneth Caplinger and William Davis, all experts in their field.

You can gain an education on the subject of soil by going to Leslie Montgomery, Layton Sharp and Harvey Brown.
In agricultural science, both I and II, your professor is Walter Jett.

Boys in Service

Army Specialist Four Glade R. Fertig, Jr., 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Glade Fertig, Sr., of Marlinton, took part in the fierce fighting during the recent Viet Cong attacks on Saigon, Vietnam. The soldier is a military policeman in the 527th Military Police Company…

Army Private Dewey H. Ervine, Jr., is assigned to Company B. 13th Battalion, 3rd Brigade at the United States Army Training Center in Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Army Private Gary B. Phillips, 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. Claude F. Phillips, of Marlinton, completed a wheeled vehicle mechanic course at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.

Sergeant Paul Kelley, son of Mrs. Ina R. Kelley, of Dunmore, has arrived for duty at Patrick AFB. Florida… He previously served at Cam Ranh Bay AB, Vietnam…


The Juniors of Marlinton High School have selected Bonnie Crockett and Donovan McElwee to represent Marlinton High School at the Know Your State Government Day in Charleston. This is a highlight of every school year and the ones selected consider it quite an honor…


Born to Mr. and Mrs. H. Carter Castilow, of Madison, New Jersey, a son, Todd Secor. Maternal great-grandmother is Mrs. Anna V. Hunter, of Sweet Chalybeate, Virginia.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. William Austin Morgan, of Woodbridge, Virginia, a son, named William Aaron. Grandparents are Mrs. Luna Morgan, and Mr. and Mrs. George Workman, all of Hillsboro.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Arbogast, of Kingsville, Texas, a son, named Joseph Monroe.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Kyle C. Irvine, of Huntington, a daughter, named Mary Kathryn.


Charles Miller, about 69, was killed Tuesday afternoon, February 27, 1968, when a tree fell on him at a farm between Dunmore and Frost.

Delbert Slayton, 66, of Durbin. Burial in the Boyer Cemetery.

Roy Franklin Rider, of Marlinton, a son of the late Samuel D. Rider and Susie W. Rider. Burial in the Gibson Cemetery.

Mr. Grace Margaret Presseau Wilson, 80, of Richwood. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery at Richwood.

Walter J. Brown, 87, of Green Bank, a retired farmer. Burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.

Jaroy Bradford Daugherty, 86, of Clover Lick, a son of the late Isaac Daugherty and Katie Knight Daugherty. He was a blacksmith and shoe cobbler by trade and was never married. Burial in the Daugherty Cemetery at Clover Lick.

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