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Thursday, October 11, 1967

Virginia Beard Callison, of Beard, has been selected to appear in the 1967 edition of Outstanding Personalities of the South.

– – –

“Chuck” Beverage, son of Mr. and Mrs. Layton Beverage, was four years old on October 2. Several of his friends were invited in to help him celebrate at his home on Beard Heights.


Boyd Vandevender sends a clipping from Choteu, Montana, about a rampaging bear, believed to be a black bear, mauling two teenaged campers. The 12 and 13 year old boys were sleeping on a picnic table near their parents’ tent; one was bitten on the shoulder and the other clawed about the head and arms. This was in Mortimer Gulch campground below Glacier National Park where grizzlies killed two girls earlier in widely separated attacks. Rangers killed four grizzlies and determined two of them were involved in the attacks. No report was given as to whether the black bear responsible for these attacks was found.


The Board of Education at its meeting last Thursday considered the needs for a building program and asked for estimates of cost for space-grid building – a new plan of buildings from a Ford Foundation study – and asked the Board’s architect, Henry Elden, of Charleston, to present plans and costs for a high school. A citizens group will be invited within the next three weeks to give suggestions and advice.

The Board voted, in lieu of rent, to pay utilities, extra insurance and janitorial services for the Marlinton Methodist Church.

Due to the fire, all Marlinton basketballs games will be played in the Hillsboro gym.

Punt, Pass and Kick

The Punt, Pass and Kick Winners are as follows.

Age 8 Group: first, Marty Clay Beverage, Marlinton; second, Wilbert Smith, Jr., Marlinton; third, Paul McNeill, Buckeye.

Age 9 Group: first, Charles Wilfong, Dunmore; second, David Lee Buzzard, Dunmore; third, James E. Cutlip, Marlinton.

Age 10 Group: first, Keith Burgess, Buckeye; second Harold Moore, Marlinton; third Mark E. Mitchell, Marlinton.

Age 11 Group: first, Gary Allen Sharp, Clover Lick; second, Lock H. McNeill, Marlinton; third, Frank M. Morrison, Marlinton.

Age 12 Group: first, Maurice Boggs, Marlinton; second, Thomas E. Moore, Marlinton; third, Larry Carpenter, Marlinton.

Age 13 Group: first, Roger Sharp, Cover Lick; second, Donald Moore, Buckeye; third, David Cain, Marlinton.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Smith, a son, named Timothy Edward.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Donovan McLaughlin, of Keating Summit, Pennsylvania, a daughter, named Marlene Sue.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Sharp, of Marlinton, a son, named Bryan Douglas. The mother is the former Jean Horner.


Mrs. Elva Jane Sharp Woolard, 59, of Marlinton; a daughter of the late Amos J. and Ivy Waugh Sharp. Burial in the Fairview Cemetery.

Ralph M. Combs, 45, of Hillsboro; a son of the late Jake and Lucy Geiger Combs. Burial in the Cochran Cemetery.

Mrs. Opal Gum Neely, 64, of Hinton; born at Frost a daughter of L. C. and Anna Jane Sheets Gum. Burial at Hinton.

Lelin C. Jeffrey, 50, of Beard; born at Ottawa, a son of George O. and Mirtie Miller Jeffrey. Burial in Oak Grove Cemetery.

Sherman James Pyles, 93, of Seebert; born on Pyles Mountain near Huntersville, a son of the late Jacob and Sarah Pyles. Burial in the Smith Cemetery.

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