Thursday, May 25, 1967

Scenic Highway

A wide ribbon through the Endless Mountains – a drive to refresh one’s spirits. I look forward to that drive from Cranberry over Black Mountain to Williams River, then to Elk and on.

Critics are popping up here and there. Hardy souls cry with disdain that part of the beauty is the long hard trek necessary to reach the back country and the littering American public shouldn’t be let loose there. Some, with good purpose, seek a change in routing to lessen danger or damage to choice nature spots.

Consultation and cooperation on the routing are possible without endangering the whole project. The Forest Service has shown reasonableness in dealing with requests and we commend this rational behavior while stating our support of the road…

The first section is being paved, the second to the top of Black Mountain is being graded, and the third section down Sugar Creek to Williams River is ready for contract, awaiting July 1 and more money. From there to the top of Elk and Route 219 is about eight million dollars worth of work, or eight years at the present rate of appropriation…

Our Boys in Service

Marine Corporal Oliver R. Sharp, son of Mr. and Mrs. Milburn Sharp, of Marlinton, has been presented the Purple Heart Medal while serving with the Third Marine Division in Vietnam. The Purple Heart Medal is awarded for wounds received in action against the enemy.

Airman Third Class Clyde S. Campbell, son of Mrs. Flossie M. Campbell, of Marlinton, is participating in Clove Hitch III, a joint amphibious and airborne training exercise being conducted in the Caribbean.

Dwight H. Diller, of the U. S. Navy, was home on leave with his mother, Mrs. Eugene Dilley, last week. He had just returned from a six month Mediterranean cruise.

SP-4 Edward Lee Kelley will arrive at Fort Dix, New Jersey, Friday, after spending 14 months in Germany. He is the son of Mrs. Arlie White, of Marlinton.

Sgt. and Mrs. Curtis R. Sharp and daughter Melva Jane, of Glenview, Illinois, are spending a 14 day leave with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Gay, of Marlinton and Mrs. Lola Sharp, of Clover Lick. Sgt. Sharp is in the Marine Corps.

Letter of Commendation to Specialist Fifth Class George C. McNeel on the occasion of his departure from Thailand and return to the United States and civilian life.


During a special assembly program prepared by the members of the Hillsboro High School National Honor Society, the following new members were inducted: Grace Jane Moore, Earl Burks, Ramona Chappell, Beverly Hill, Glenna Burns, Nellie Pyles, Kathy Beard, Louis McCarty and Tommy VanReenan.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Starcher, of San Fernando, Formentera, a son. Grandparents are Mrs. Okey Starcher of Dunmore, and the late Mr. Starcher.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ira Friel, of Greenboro, North Carolina, a son, named Stacey Kevin.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Nelson, of Kensington, Maryland, a daughter, named Shelia Marie. The mother is the former Peggy Juanita Gragg.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barlow, of Hyattsville, Maryland, a son, Fred Herbert.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. William Blake, of Dunmore, a daughter.


John Scott, 61, of Marlinton; burial in the Brownsburg Cemetery.

Mrs. Mary Frances Bratton Moore, 69, of Marlinton; a daughter of the late William A. and Fanny Berry Cologne Bratton. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

Mrs. Louanzia Fay Halterman, 50, of Cass; burial in the Wanless Cemetery.

Mrs. Ethel Humes Davis, 67, of Marlinton; born at Hugart, a daughter of the late Joseph E. and Georgianna Hugart Humes. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

Mrs. Ada Florence Merriette Burdette, 85, of Renick; born at Eagle Rock, Virginia, a daughter of the late William Adison and Hester Virginia Hites Merriette.

Mrs. Helen Irvine Byers, 70, of Marlinton, a former school teacher in Marlinton Graded School; daughter of William and Mollie Irvine. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

Mrs. Myra Ellen Goodsell, 76, of Alexandria, Virginia, formerly of Durbin; burial in the Goodsell Cemetery at Bartow.

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