Thursday, April 27, 1967

Mrs. Wayne Bailey took two of her French students, Michael Sheets and Darlene Sharp, to Bluefield Saturday where they took the National French Test at Bluefield High School. This is the first time Marlinton students have participated in this; their scores were exceptionally good.

– – –

Wayne Bailey left Char- leston by plane Monday for Madison, Wisconsin, where he will be a guest of the Wisconsin Conservation Commission to observe permit- type Spring Gobbler season, which is being held there for the second year and also to investigate the sharp-tailed grouse range.

– – –

Moody Moore was in town Tuesday with a new pet, a young red fox. He has two and Randall Sharp has one. They trapped the mama and daddy fox after they killed a sheep for Gordon Dilley. The mama fox, with a front leg in one trap and hind leg in another, covered up the hole so expertly they didn’t know it was there until they heard the pups. Raking out the hole they found a water snake the old fox had brought in for the youngsters but it hadn’t been eaten.

Musical Play

The Green Bank High School Folk Singers Club will present a musical play entitled “The Familiar Stranger,” Friday in the high school gymnasium.

A plot of mistaken identity is sparked with lots of comedy, familiar folk songs, and dancing.

Members of the cast include Tom Brown, Agnes Doyle, Dane Davidson, Charlotte Mullenax, Susan Gillispie, Danny Stone, Becky Colaw and Edwin Good. Singers and dancers include members of the High School Chorus and the Folk Singers Club. The program is under the direction of Miss Linda Cassell.

Civil Defense Survey

The United States Bureau of the Census is taking a survey on fallout protection in homes in West Virginia. This survey is intended to inform families as to how much their home basements would protect them from radiation. The interviewers will ask only a few questions (he is sworn to keep confidential all information given him) and the amount of protection will be figured by an electronic computer in Washington and mailed directly back to the householder, along with a book telling how protection may be increased. Those without basements will receive information for protective measures…


Mrs. Lockie Petts, 79, of Buckeye, widow of Thomas Petts and daughter of the late William and Mary Jane Cordell Lester. Burial in the Oak Grove Cemetery at Hillsboro.

Mrs. Mary Sheets Varner, 59, of North Madison, Ohio; born at Cass, a daughter of the late Griffie A. and Bertie Sheets. Burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.

Mrs. Nannie E. Price, 70, of Lewisburg. Born at Odd, a daughter of the late Laproeus and Rose Hedrick Hatcher. Burial in the Rosewood Cemetery.

Russell Thomas Gabbert, 74, of Boyer. Born at Auto, the youngest son of the late John and Mary Gabbert. Trustee and steward, treasurer and custodian of the Kerr Memorial Church of Boyer. He will long be remembered for his many kind deeds and saintly life.

Mrs. Louella Bell Curtis Lockridge Matheny, 70, a former resident of Pocahontas County. Born at Montrose, a daughter of the late Charles Louis and Nannie Beverage Curtis. Burial in the Bartow Cemetery at Bartow.

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