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Thursday, March 23, 1967

Flood Scare

We were working too hard getting last week’s paper out on Wednesday to make any last minute mention of it, but Marlinton was on the move after a report came from the Corps of Engineers to prepare for a flood only two feet below the March 7 one. Trailers from Burns Motor Freight were parked at stores and partially loaded. The water was high, with water on First Avenue below the bridge and water in basements again, but over four feet below last week and it’s those last feet that bring the damage…


I will probably be left stranded in my house in the next flood because I forgot to mention the accommodating Monongahela Power Company men who took me and many others out through the high flood waters. They went from house to house in their big truck taking people to higher ground and just generally making themselves useful. One of the unusual things about this flood was that we had electricity all the time. Beard Heights and below were without it for awhile due to the slide but it was soon repaired.

When you start mentioning special people and groups, you always forget somebody, and really everyone pitched in to help.

Kent Galford, Jr., also made good use of his big wheeled truck in getting through the high water.

Another important link in the communication line was Fred Morrison and his radio. From far and near came reports that people depended on Fred for information and messages.

The Marlinton telephone office had three or four feet of water and the equipment just doesn’t work that way. However it wasn’t long before they had two emergency lines to the hospital and hotel and their crews worked on into the night to replace and repair the equipment…

Boys and Girls in Service

Private First Class Alfred VanReenen has arrived in Viet Nam and is stationed at Phu Loi.

Marine Private Raymond G. Pryor, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Pryor, of Marlinton, has completed four weeks of individual combat training at Camp Lejeune…

IPSWICH, England – William E. Clark, son of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Clark, of Marlinton, has been promoted to airman first class in the U. S. Air Force.

Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam (AHTNC) – Gene L. Rexrode, 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Rexrode, of Durbin, was promoted to Army specialist four near Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, where he is assigned as an operations specialist.


Honor Roll for Hillsboro High School for the fourth six weeks:
Seventh Grade – Nina Fowler, Donald Moore, Lori Rose and Danny Tenney.
Eighth Grade – Lynn Beard, Shirley Beverage, Susan Chappell and David Vaughan.
Ninth Grade – Linda Sue Hill and Brenda Rose.
Tenth Grade – Wanda Wymer
Eleventh Grade – Kathy Beard, Glenna Burns, Ramona Chappell, Grace Jane Moore and Sharon Wilfong.
Twelfth Grade – Louie McCarty, Gary Tenney, Larry Tenney, Tommy VanReenen, Karen Stanley, Monna Thompson and Frances Wilfong.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Lambert, of Bartow, a daughter. The mother is the former Jean Lambert.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Hyatt, Jr., a son, named William Walter, III. The mother is the former Jane Ellen Seagraves.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Camper, of Alexandria, Virginia, a daughter, named Tiffany Lynne.


Bernard Harris Ervine, 58, of Marlinton; born at Mill Creek, a son of the late John and Netti Ervine. Burial in the Stony Bottom Cemetery.
John Cecil Boggs, 75, of Marlinton; a highly respected farmer; born on Elk, a son of the late Rev. Madison and Agnes Boggs.
Carl Conrad Pritt, 56, of Droop; born at Renick, a son of Wheeler Pritt and the late Switzerland Walton Pritt. Burial in the Whiting Cemetery.
Mrs. Eva Camden Harris, of Richmond, Virginia, formerly of Marlinton. Funeral service and burial in Richmond, Virginia.
Mrs. Eula Kane, 68, of South Charleston; burial in the Patton Cemetery at Meadow Bridge.

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