March 16, 1967

Marlinton was pretty much in a state of shock at the realization that we had had a flood such as you read about and it is almost impossible to realize the amount of damage water can cause. Of course, we admit other places were hurt worse, but this is “us.”
First off, everyone acknowledges with thankfulness the excellent work of the Marlinton Fire Department. Lives might have been lost except for their prompt action. They worked hard and long and their equipment – which wasn’t made for pumping dirty trash laden water – will have to be overhauled and replaced at a cost of over $9,000…

Forty young men from the Anthony Job Corps Camp at Neola certainly made a good impression on the community. They came back day after day and helped clean the hospital basement, school buildings, Riverside, etc. They were cheerful, willing workers.

The Welfare Department workers have been very active and untold numbers of “good neighbors” have shared homes, food, washing machines, etc…
A million and a half dollars in damage seems to be the best guess. There was a tremendous loss to businesses, as well as homes…

Ilean Walton, at Buckeye, reports 3.17 inches of rain last week leading up to the flood. There was at least two feet of snow in the mountains also.

The river reading was 16.06 at 6:00 a.m. when the telephone went out. There is a telephone connected to the gauge in some fashion. The river crested between 11 and noon and J. B. Graham reported it at 18 feet then. Flood stage is 15 feet. Normal is about 3 feet. He barley got back across in a jeep after feeding. Twenty-three head of cattle were lost from the Buckley farm. E. H. Williams lost 8 head and Fred Burns lost 24…

The engagement of Miss Noreen Katharine Behan, to Walter Fairley Workman, son of Mrs. Sarah Perry Workman, of Baltimore, Maryland, and Robert Workman, of Hillsboro, has been announced by her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Behan, of Baltimore, Maryland…

Mrs. Ethel Lance Rex-rode, 55, of Durbin; burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.

Calvin Kershner, 26, of Droop Mountain, was killed in a one-car accident near his home. A son of Mr. and Mrs. George Kershner; burial in the Sunset Cemetery at Jacox.

Richard Herman Balzer, 64, of Hillsboro; born in Lydershagan, Germany, in 1902, he came to the United States in 1921 and became a naturalized citizen in 1926. He was a retired custodian at the Federal Prison Camp at Mill Point. Burial in the Oak Grove Cemetery at Hillsboro.

Clyde K. Sheets, 76, of Wyandotte, Michigan. Born at Green Bank, a son of the late Henry and Rachel Sheets. Lifelong member of Wesley Methodist Church. Burial in the church cemetery.

Stewart Arbuckle, 85; a charter member and elder of the Clifton Presbyterian Church, and well-known in Pocahontas County. Burial in Rosewood Cemetery.

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