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Thursday, February 16, 1967

The Marlinton Volunteer Fire Department answered a call Tuesday afternoon to Browns Creek to the home of Gordon Dilley, where smoke filled the house. A motor on the furnace proved to be the cause.
– – –
Temperatures hit 15 below last Wednesday at Dilley’s Mill, 14 below at Hillsboro.
– – –
Mrs. Jim (Charlene) Howard, of Buckeye, has crocuses and snowdrops blooming. The first crocus bloomed on January 31, the earliest she has ever had them to bloom. Leaves of lilies of the valley are peeping through, probably due for a good freeze.
– – –
The story goes that Howard Mullens and Elvern Totten were coon hunting and about ready to call it quits. The dogs came across a opossum in the road which promptly rolled over “dead.” The men were impatient to get away and called for the dog to get in the truck, but he wasn’t leaving for a while yet. Finally he took that opossum over the bank and buried it, then jumped in the truck, ready to go. The men exhumed the opossum.

M.H.S. News
The big news of the week was the Green Bank – Marlinton Basketball Game held in the MHS gymnasium Friday night. In preparation for the game, a pep meeting was held at the end of the sixth period on Friday. The largest crowd of the season attended the game to see Marlinton emerge victorious, with a score of 79-71.
The March of Dimes campaign got under way last week when the student body assembled to see a motion picture in the auditorium. Some of the projects underway to raise money for this worthy cause include selling chances on a box of candy by Miss McNeill’s room, selling chances on a cake by Miss Waugh’s room, and dimes collected in a large sheet by majorettes at the half of the Green Bank – Marlinton Basketball Game. Also, a March of Dimes Dance was held in the gym after the big game Friday evening, which was most successful.
The Junior Class is hard at work on their class play “Arsenic and Old Lace,” under the direction of Mrs. Carolyn Kerr. Included in the cast are Betsy Dilley, Sally McLau-ghlin, Freda Hefner, Beverly Mann, Tom Clutter, Doug VanReenan, John Mallow, Robert Rose, Darrell Friel, Roger Madison, Steve Clutter, Cheryl Bailey, Barbara Vanscoy, Tom Dale, Daniel Hammonds, Bucky Clark, Gary McKenney, Tiny Shinaberry, Dewey Hoover, and Jim Bussard. Libby Graham is the student director.
Libby Graham and Roger Madison have been chosen to represent our school in Charleston at “Know Your State Government” Day in March.
The new National Honor Society members were chosen in December; they are as follows: Cheryl Bailey, Tom Clutter, John Mallow, Sally McLaughlin, Brenda Mark-ley, Roger Madison, Darrell Friel, Robert Rose, Peggy Gragg Nelson, Libby Graham, Joan Eye and Henry Shinaberry.
Majorettes held a dance Monday, February 6th, after the ballgame to help finance their new uniforms made by Mrs. Ed Stemple.

A Blue and Gold Dinner was held February 9 at the Durbin Grade School. The achievements of the Boy Scouts, both Cubs and Scouts, of Pocahontas County were recognized and awards for advancement made to the boys. Scouts making the presentations were Charles Cover for the Durbin Cubs, Richard Mullenax for the Durbin Troop, William Kuhlken for the Green Bank Cubs, James Schaffner for the Green Bank Troop, William McCloud for the Marlinton Cubs and Jack Cochran for the Marlinton Troop.
Tom D. Grubbs, District Scout Executive, presented unit awards to the units at Hillsboro, Green Bank and Durbin.
More than 160 boys and their parents attended the dinner…

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Simmons, of Green Bank, a daughter.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. James D. Hubard, Jr., of Dover, New Jersey, a daughter. She is a great-granddaughter of Mrs. Calvin W. Price.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. William H. Nelson, of District Heights, Maryland, a daughter, named Melissa Carolyn. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nelson, of Frost;

Mrs. (Cam) Mintie Petts Armstrong, 77, of Buckeye; born at Mill Run, a daughter of the late Alfred and Mary C. Wedd Petts. Burial in the Armstrong Cemetery.
Mrs. (Everette) Agnes Mae Morgan Dunbrack, 21, of Marlinton; burial in the Morgan Cemetery at Ronceverte.
Clinton Wesley Ratliff, of Lebanon, Ohio; born near Marlinton, he passed away at the age of 80 years, six months and ten days. He was a loving husband and uncle, a good friend and neighbor to all those who knew him and had many fine qualities which endeared him to the community.

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