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November 17, 1966

Killing a bear with No. 4 birdshot is a little uncommon, but last Wednesday Junior Simmons, of Dunmore, did just that. He was rounding up sheep on their Clover Creek land, carrying his 12 gauge shotgun in case he saw a turkey, and there, about forty yards away, was a bear lying beside the remains of a sheep. The bear raised up, Simmons blasted him in the neck, and he somersaulted backwards. Running towards him, he shot a second time in the head, and that was it. There were the remains of two sheep and a total of 10 were missing.
The bear was an old male, weighing 250 pounds.
The bear carried an ear tag No. 2578, having been marked by the Conservation Commission in its bear study several years ago.

– – –

On Friday, November 4, Marvin Wimer and Walter Jett camped near Thornwood and prepared to hunt Saturday. As soon as it was light Saturday they took off along Gunpowder Ridge.
Wimer went off down the river and Jett took off to the right and evidently jumped a bear in a pine thicket, but he saw nothing more. That bear walked right up on Wimer. His 16 gauge, double barrel shotgun has an 80mm rifle barrel underneath and he had two shells in his pocket. He quickly loaded and shot two times – the second time wasn’t necessary. This was a nice young male bear, 200-250 pounds, but after carrying him out of there, they were sure it was double that.

H.H.S. Play
The Hillsboro High School Junior Class will present “Here Come the Brides,” a three-act comedy by William D. Fisher.
The lead of Jimmy Took will be played by Earl Burks; Bill Thompson – Lee McLaughlin; Mr. Oswald – Michael Hively; Madge – Glenna Burns; Aunt Ellen Thompson – Ramona Chappell; Peg Westfield – Beverly Hill; Uncle Dan Took – Charles Turner; Mrs. Duvalle Smith – Kathy Beard; “Bubbles” Duvalle – Grace Moore; “Lady Macbeth” – Barbara Pritt; and McDaniel – Nellie Pyles.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Brock, a son.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. William F. Albert, of Droop, a daughter.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rose, of White Sulphur Springs, a son, named Gregory Robert.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Martin Sharp, of Marlinton, a son, named Jeffrey Martin.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Withers, of Marlinton, their fifth child, and first daughter, named Michelle Dawn.
Born to Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Perrine, a son, named William Warren. This is their fifth child, and first son.

Mrs. Mary Ellen Cromer, 73, of Durbin; burial in the Bethel Methodist Church cemetery.
Clyde L. Carpenter, 81, of Durbin; bookkeeper in the Bank of Durbin and justice of the peace. Burial in the Goodsell Cemetery at Bartow.

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