September 29, 1966

A 300-pound bear proved to be no match for an automobile Monday on Kennison Mountain. An automobile driven by a man who was traveling from Charleston to Romney, hit the bear and killed it. The car was towed to Marlinton by Claude Malcomb; damages included a broken radiator, bent fenders, grill bumper and hood. Mr. Malcomb planned to bring the bear back but someone else got there first.

It’s pretty convenient for Eldon Fertig that the 11,000 acres of Seneca State Forest practically adjoins his 485 acres on Thorny Creek.
Eldon Fertig works on a part-time basis as maintenance man at the State Forest. With the other part-time he carries a good grasslands farming program on his farm.
The enterprises on the Fertig farm include a herd of 22 Hereford beef cows producing feeder calves, a flock of 105 ewes that produced 145 lambs this past spring, and a herd of 12 dairy cows producing milk for Carnation Company.
A new program on the Fertig farm is the growing of Sudex, a hybrid of Sudan grass and sorghum, for emergency pasture and silage. Fertig planted 4 1/2 acres of Sudex this year after fertilizing the area with manure and with 1 1/2 tons of 10-10-10 fertilizer. Last year he harvested 65 tons from six acres of the hybrid.
Eldon’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Fertig, make their home with Mr. and Mrs. Fertig. This family includes two youngsters, Renee and Mark.

Boys and Girls in Service
Ada Nadine Wilfong, daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wilfong, of Mill Point, completed ten weeks’ of Basic training at Recruit Training Command Women United States Naval Training Center, Bainbridge, Maryland, and was graduated during a military review held on August 26, 1966. The local Wave, a former student at Hillsboro, High School, spent a 14 day leave with her parents before reporting to the U. S. Training Center, Bainbridge, Maryland, for General Duty Administration.
Navy Commander Norman H. McLaughlin, son of Mrs. Bessie McLaughlin, of Cass, has assumed command of Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron One (HS-1). The primary mission of HS-1 is to train pilots, air crewman and maintenance personnel in the SH-3A “Sea King” helicopter.
Donald D. Louk, 23, son of Glen H. Louk, Bartow, was promoted to Army staff sergeant August 24 in Korea, where he is serving with the 72nd Armor.
Seaman Apprentice Donald E. Walton, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Walton, of Hillsboro, is serving aboard the destroyer USS Damato, operating in the Mediterranean with the U. S. Sixth Fleet. The Damato, engaged primarily in the Anti-submarine warfare training, is equipped with the latest anti-submarine weapons systems, Dash and ASROC…
Engine-man Third Class Steven J. Lane, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex J. Lane, of Marlinton, is on operations off the cost of Viet Nam aboard the destroyer USS O’Hard as a unit of the U. S. Seventh Fleet.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Oscar, of Buckeye, a daughter, named Patricia Ann.
Born to Mr. and Mrs.Samuel Brill, of Marlinton, a son.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Darel Underwood, of Elyria, Ohio, a daughter, named Trena Lynn. The mother is the former Bonnie Defibaugh.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Vannoy, of Norristown, Pennsylvania, a son, named Thurman Roy, Jr.

Mrs. Roseanna (Annie) Silva Callahan, 90, of Covington, Virginia; a native of Buckeye, she was the daughter of Columbus and Ureca Jane Buckley Silva. Burial in the Buckeye Presbyterian Chapel cemetery.
Rolly W. Rose, 82 of Droop Mountain; burial in the McMillion Methodist Church cemetery.
Floyd Ryder, 85, of Huntersville,; burial in the Beaver Creek Cemetery.
Joseph C. Wooddell, 86, of Ronceverte, formerly of Cass; former Mayor of Cass and Vice President of the Bank of Marlinton. burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.
Olla Flavison White, 93, of Marlinton; born in Lewis County, a son of the late Julius C. and Martha Williams White. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.
Charles M. Austin, 75, of Norman, Oklahoma; born at Green Bank, a son of a pioneer doctor. burial in the I.O.O.F Cemetery

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