September 1, 1966

Mrs. Norman Beale reports an exciting experience two weeks ago when she discovered a big black rattler stretched out just a few feet away as she was painting. She got in the screen door, realized the hoe was in the garden, thought it would take too long to get the gun and load it, so she grabbed three pieces of stove wood. The snake was coiled by now. The first stick hit the mark and stunned the snake, two more helped, and a hammer finished it. It measured 44 inches in length, six inches around and had five rattles and a button. Bob Bright, not too far away at Mingo, killed a big yellow rattler. Rattlers are not too common in that area.
– – –
Mrs. Robert McComb showed us several nests of the beautiful Cedar Wax-wings who have returned to the Hill for several seasons. She puts out string to make it easier. The nests are rather bulky, made of twigs and string, and then lined.
The bird book says the Cedar Waxwing is as polite as he is handsome, also gentle and affectionate. Half a dozen birds have been observed sitting close together on a limb, passing a cherry along from one to another. They aren’t very good singers, illustrating the rule that birds with beautiful plumage rarely sings well.
– – –
A Japonica bush by the Marlinton Presbyterian Church is blooming, after being trimmed a few weeks ago, and dandelions are flourishing, after the renewing rains.
– – –
Stewart Carpenter, of the Marine Corps, stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, spent a recent weekend with this mother, Mrs. Georgia Carpenter.

4-H Honors
Gary Hollandsworth, son of Mr. and Mrs. Denver Hollandsworth, of Hillsboro, returned Sunday from Stony Lake, Michigan, where he was attending Older Boy’s Camp at Camp Miniwanca. Gary was chosen by the State 4-H Club Staff as one of two representatives from West Virginia to attend the two-week national leadership camp.
Gary is a graduate of Hillsboro High School and a sophomore at Glenville College.
– – –
Harriet Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Z. Johnson, of Edray, recently received top honors at the State 4-H Round-up held at Jackson’s Mill. Participating in the poultry foods contest, Harriet won first place with her demonstration entitled “Devilish Deeds with Deviled Eggs.”
She will have an opportunity to participate in the national contest during the National Poultry Convention at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, October 4.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Leo Elza, of Cass, a son, named Trevor Michael.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Orville Swecker, Jr., of Durbin, a daughter, named Melissa Ann.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Sharp, of Marlinton, a son.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Quellen Jackson, of Valley Head, a son, named Glen Howard.

Marvin Hannah, 70, of Marlinton; born on his home farm on Elk, a son of the late William H. and Sarah S. White Hannah. Burial in the family cemetery.
Raymond Leon McLaughlin, 48; born at Dunmore, a son of the late Cornelius and Laura Nee Higgins McLau-ghlin. Burial in the Baltimore National Cemetery.
Orville H. Vickers, 22, of Nettie, Nicholas County, was fatally injured when his car went over the hill on Route 39, a few miles from Mill Point.

Everette Lasley, about 57, of Whitesvlle, died of an apparent heart attack Monday morning at Beard. He was on a camping and fishing trip.

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