August 25, 1966

Sp4 Richard Doyle, who is just back from a year in Viet Nam, was honored with a picnic dinner Sunday at Watoga State Park. Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. John R. Wilfong, Cathy and Randy Wilfong, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilfong, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Beale, Mrs. Clyde Beale, Nayoko and Rocky Beale, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Galford and Jeffie, Betty Smith, Karen Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Grady Doyle, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Doyle, and Miss Jennie Samples.
– – –
Ground was broken last week for a new home in Hamilton Field Subdivision for Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Mallow. D. Boone is the contractor.
Mrs. Mary Jane Hiner, Mrs. Carrie Jack, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jackson and Gloria spent the weekend of the 13th visiting relatives in Staunton.
Mrs. Earl Michael and son, David, of Gaithersburg, Maryland, are visiting home folks.
Leroy Beale and family, of Lanham, Maryland, are spending a two weeks’ vacation with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Norman Beale, of Mace.
Young Tom Daugherty, of Charleston, spent the past week with his grandmother, Mrs. R. F. Currence.

The thirty-sixth annual reunion of the Jacob and Clarissa Taylor clan was held August 14, at the Michael Mountain picnic area in Seneca State Forest.
Officers were elected for the coming year. Mrs. Nancy Taylor Cassell was elected president, Mrs. Martha Ross, vice-president, and Mrs. Hallie Vanosdale, secretary.
Those in attendance from the Harry M. Taylor family were: Mrs. Lola Taylor and Moffett, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wilfong, Harold Wilfong and daughter, Lisa, Mrs. Mildred McLaughlin and sons, David and Parker, Mrs. Clark McLaughlin and daughters, Dodie and Mary-lin, Mrs. Millie Campbell and sons, Rich and David, and Mrs. Cora Lee Wyatt and daughters, Cheryl and Brenda.
Those in attendance from the Nanny Taylor Zinn family were: Mrs. Ruth Haller, Mrs. Martha Ross and the Rev. and Mrs. Robert B. Hayes and children, Mark and Ruth.
From the William H. Taylor family came Mrs. Nina Sheets, Mrs. Betty Gum and children, D. C., Mark and Donna, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Wooddell, Wardell Wooddell and children, Pamela, Robin, Sharon and Forrest, Miss Mary Margaret Wooddell, Mrs. Hallie Vanosdale, Mrs. Nancy Cassell, Miss Linda Lee Cassell and daughter, Nancy Allison, and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth N. Taylor and children, Lloyd and Nancy.

E. C. Sheets, of Hillsboro, was honored with a birthday dinner Sunday, August 14, at the home of his daughter and grandson, Mrs. Geraldine McLaughlin and Kenneth. Those helping him to celebrate were his wife, Mrs. E. C. Sheets, Mrs. Gladys Richards, Edna and Terry, of Caldwell, Mrs. Stuart Richards, of Renick, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Perkins, of Frankford, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Wymer and Wanda, of Hillsboro, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Ross, Randy and Ronda and Mr. and Mrs. Edward McLaughlin and Robin, all of Marlinton, and Bert Rothwell, of Lewisburg.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Osburn S. Buchanan, of Huntersville, a son, named Brian Keith.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Neven Elza, of Cass, a son.

Hubert Kerns, 56, of Marlinton; burial in the Sharp Cemetery at Mill Point.
Harry E. Buzzard, 57, of Baltimore, Maryland; born in Mountain Grove, Virginia, a son of the late Arch Melvin and Alice Kelley Buzzard. Burial at Mountain Grove.
Vivian Jane (Susie) Anderson, age 20, of Baltimore, Maryland, formerly of Cass; a granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clay Lambert, of Arbovale. Burial in Oak Lawn Cemetery in Baltimore.

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