Thursday, August 18, 1966

Howard McElwee attended the Homecoming at Richwood Saturday. It rained and prevented them from getting logs in the pond for log rolling, etc. Mr. McElwee, 89, who started driving logs at the age of 15, didn’t find any white pine loggers among the groups. He found loggers who looked as old as he, but were younger in years. He worked two drives off Cheat and all of the white pine drives from the Knapps Creek area.
– – –
Paula McNellan, of Campbelltown, recently returned to Marlinton to accept a position at the First National Bank. For the past two years she had been employed at the University Hospital in Charlottesville, Virginia.
– – –
Joan Eye and Libby Graham are attending the Church Music Conference at Massanetta Springs, Virginia.

Jim Anderson got four rattlesnakes at one clip last Thursday near the sawdust pile on Thorny Creek – a mamma snake with three young inside. The rattler was 37 inches long and had ten rattles. Rattlesnakes bear their young live late in summer and these were about ready. They were dead because he didn’t cut in until the snake had been dead several hours. There were also several egg.

Trip to Maine
Douglas Morrison return-ed from a trip to Millinocket, Maine, sponsored by the Charleston Gazette and the Great Northern Paper Company. The trip was for nine days with all expenses paid. He stayed at Niagra Falls the first night and Augusta, Maine, the capitol, the second night. When they arrived in Millinocket, he took a tour of the Great Northern Mill and their Engineering and Research Building. One night they stayed at a lumberjack camp and saw how they cut pulp. He had the same meals the lumberjacks had. The next day he flew by seaplane into Rainbow Lake which is owned by The Great Northern Paper Company. There he stayed for four days and went fishing and motor boating. The Lake is five miles long and 20 miles around. It is 25 miles from any road and can be reached only by seaplane or by walking the Appalachian Trail which runs right behind the camp. He was flown back from the Lake and arrived in Charleston two days later.
He was one of the four boys out of 1,800 Gazette-Mail carriers in the state who were selected to make the trip.
Doug is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Morrison, of Marlinton, and has been delivering the Gazette for over two years. The trip was awarded for his merits as a paper boy upon the recommendation of the District Manager, Lewis Myles, of Ronceverte.

Boys and Girls in Service
Selective Service
Those going to Beckley on July 7, for their physical examination were: Gary Lee Wamsley, John Kenneth Quick, Alfred Lee Thompson, Watson Lockridge Underwood, Jr. and Anthony Hall, Jr.
Steven W. Kyle enlisted in the Air Force.
Robert C. Sheets enlisted in a Reserve Unit.
William R. Kellison, left on June 16.

Miss Potomac Highlands
Miss Patricia Waslo, age 18, of Green Bank, was crowned first Potomac Highland Queen at Romney, Friday night. The daughter of Michael Waslo and the late Mrs. Waslo, she is a 1966 graduate of Green Bank High School, where she was an outstanding student, having won a four year $3,600 National Radio Astronomy Observatory Scholarship. She will enter West Virginia University this fall…
Each candidate was asked to tell about her own county and then asked a question dealing with current affairs such as Viet Nam, N.A.T.O. and tourism in West Virginia. Potomac Highland wanted a queen who not only had natural beauty, intelligence and personality, but could ably express to outsiders our vast natural store of beauty and other interesting tourist attractions.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Junior Vandevender, of Mill Gap, Virginia, a daughter, named Tricia Ann.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Donovan, of Venice, California, a daughter, Carol Lee. The mother is the former Lenore McCloud.
Mrs. Susie Rogers, of Buckeye, has received word of the birth of her first great-grandchild. Born to Airman First Class and Mrs. D. J. Stockton, Jr., a son, D. J., III.

Holmes Steward Sharp, 88, of Mountain Grove, Virginia; born at Frost, a son of the late Abraham and Martha Ellen Sharp. Burial in the Sharp Cemetery at Frost.

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