August 11, 1966

Terry Payne and Susie Moore attended Presbyterian Church Camp at Bluestone Conference Center near Hinton last week.
The Robert Halls have moved from Baltimore to the Clendenen home at Hillsboro.
Miss Patricia Waslo, of Green Bank, was crowned Queen of Potomac Highlands last Friday in Romney in the first annual Potomac Highland Beauty Pageant, judged on natural beauty, intelligence and personality, plus knowledge of current affairs and attractions of our State.

The stock in the Don Mower Lumber Company belonging to the Mower Estate has been sold to some Florida interests represented by J. W. Harrell. The Company expects to reorganize soon. The Company owns about 70 houses, the mill property and water service in Cass. They plan to open the mill later. A more complete report is promised soon.
Tenants in Cass have been quite disturbed over rent increases. The Company maintains it is necessary to put them on a paying basis.

Boys and Girls in Service
Seaman Recruit Ronald W. Bruffey, 18, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Claude W. Bruffey, of Hillsboro, graduated from seven weeks of Navy basic training at the Naval Training Center at Great Lakes, Illinois.
Pvt. Billy R. Howard completed a radio relay and carrier operation course at the Army Southeastern Signal School, Fort Gordon, Georgia.
Fireman Apprentice Harry R. Aldridge, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Aldridge, of Arbovale, has begun the basic Interior Communications Electrician school at the U. S. Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois.
National Guard Pvt. William F. Hockenberry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Hockenberry, completed a seven-week field artillery repair course under the Reserve Enlistment Program at the Army Ordnance Center and School, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.
Pvt. Norman B. Vance, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Vance, has completed a light vehicle driver course at Fort Dix, New Jersey.

Times Editor:
Howdy from the old west. Although I’m not stranger to the East. Especially Pocahontas county. I grew up there. I have followed the articles in the Times about the Cass Train with very much interest. Seems that the Old Shay should have been gone by now, but I’m very happy to know that it is still in existence. I have some fond memories of the old engine and railroad at Cass.
I happen to be one of the two men that rode the engine into Cass the day it came in. The other man was Frank Williams. He was then known as Young Piney. He has since passed on. I can’t rightly say just which engineer was pulling the train of logs that brought this old engine into Cass.
If my memory serves me right, the Mower Lumber company bought that engine from the Birch Valley Lumber company at Tioga, W. Va. Mr. Weber then sent Young Piney to Tioga to get the engine ready to come through on the Western Maryland Railroad by the way of Spruce. Was a brakeman on one of the log trains at the time and rode the fireman’s seat of this old engine and Piney rode the engineer’s seat.
I still remember the men who helped get it ready for the road. The shop crew consisted of: Paul Warner, Jim Porter, Roy Cook, Sammy Harouff, Allen Blackhurst, Louie Savich, Hamilton Halterman and the shop foreman was either Grover Wright or Herb Shafer. These men will be remembered by the “Old Timers” at Cass.
When the “New Engine” was ready it was given to the crew that I was working with. Walter Good was the engineer, “Peanuts” Fitzwater was the fireman. Barney Showalter was the conductor and I was the brakeman.
I am looking forward to the time when I can come back to Cass and ride the train just for old times’ sake…
Bruce Nelson
Bloomington, California

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Arnold McFadden, of Marlinton, a son, named Eugene Maynard.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lewis, Sr., of Mill Point, a son, named Richard Gail.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Victor Stranda, of Bartow, a son.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth K. Caplinger, of Cass, a son.
Born to Dwight and Mary Shields, of Parma, Ohio, a daughter, named Adrina Ann.

Leonard N. Carr, 49, of near Marlinton, a son of E. N. and Mittie Snead Carr. Burial in Clawson Cemetery.
Mrs. Belva Mae Wimer Mullenax, 80, of Bartow, a daughter of the late Jerry and Ellen Rexrode Wimer. Burial in the family cemetery on Allegheny Mountain.
Otey Dallas (Bud) Burdette, Jr., died in an auto accident in Sussex County. Burial in Blue Ridge Memorial Gardens.
Vern Moore, 83, of Fortuna, California; born at Huntersville, a son of he late Charles L. and Mary Moore. Burial in Sunset Park, Eureka, California.
Luther Lynn Fowler, age 36, formerly of Cass; born at Hillsboro, a son of Mattie Fowler and the late Luther Fowler. Burial in Maryland National Cemetery at Cantonville.
Ottis Eul Buchanan, 18, of Mountain Grove, Virginia, was killed at 12:10 a.m. July 31 when his car crashed against the bank at the foot of Price hill at the edge of Marlinton. Born in Hot Springs, Virginia, a son of the late Ottis E. and Helen C. Washburn Buchanan. Burial in the Mountain Grove Cemetery.
Patrick Henry Tharp, 76, of Elkins, born in Pocahontas County, a son of William and Rachel Tharp.

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