May 26, 1966

For two years, a bear eluded hunters in the Spruce Flats and Williams River area, but Friday it met its doom. Jess Moore had a sheep killed Wednesday night and a little of it was eaten. Thursday night the bear came back and cleaned it up. Argile Arbogast and his dogs plus a big crew of hunters got there Friday morning and soon had the bear moving. They chased that bear four or five miles over the mountain, over Days Run, across Williams River and up on the Black Mountain side before the dogs treed him. Clarence Carpenter got four shots into him and Sam Moore finished the job. So they share the credit for the kill.
The bear, a male, had tremendous feet and fine fur. A little short and compact, he weighed 275 and they guessed his age at eight years. Fred Burns says it trims a person down to bring a bear like that out of the woods.
Members of the hunting party besides Moore and Carpenter were Jess Moore, Argile Arbogast, Fred Burns, Fred Smith, Arthur Friel, W. C. Callison, Jimmy Callison, Lloyd Camp, Bill Ruckman, Elvern Totten, Larry Arbogast and Mont Copenhaver.
Loran Jordan was there to tell of a bear among his sheep and the hunters were off again.

Turkey Report
R. Wayne Bailey reports there were only 12 gobblers killed statewide in the first spring gobbler season and three were in Pocahontas county, all of them in the Cal Price State Forest. In addition they are pretty sure one and maybe two birds were killed on Seneca and not reported.
It is estimated about a thousand hunters participated in all areas, most too many for the territory open. Almost everyone heard gobbling. A lot of hunters were novices and found the birds weren’t as easy to kill as they had thought.

New Superintendent
At a meeting of the Board of Education Tuesday night Grey Cassell was named Superintendent of Schools at a early salary of $12,000. Mr. Cassell, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Cassell, of Cass, is now principal of the Virginia Beach Elementary School (29) teachers. He has a Master of Science degree in Education from William and Mary College.

Fire destroyed a tenant house on the farm of Mrs. Waldo Waugh on Price Hill Monday afternoon. The house was occupied by Lawrence Kennison but none of the family was at home at the time. There was insurance.

Philip Sturgell, three-day-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sturgell, of Frankford; burial in the Sharp Cemetery.
Carolyn Jean Dean, 19, a sophomore at Marshall University, a daughter of Alvon and Nellie Bright Dean, of Marlinton.
Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.
Mrs. Grace A. Moore O’Connell, 77, of White Sulphur; born at Huntersville, a daughter of the late Charles L. and Mary Martha McLaughlin Moore. Burial in the Mount Loretto Cemetery
Archibald C. Burns, who received on of the highest Boy Scout awards to adults, died in the Winchester Memorial Hospital. Born in Louisville, Virginia, a son of Albert Burns and the late Mrs. Frances Wilson Burns. Burial in the National Cemetery. Archibald Burns had many friends and acquaintances in Marlinton, having frequently visited in the home of his sister, Mrs. Lillian B. Goodwyn.
Virgil Myles, 67, of Renick; a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Reuben C. Myles. Burial in the Morningside Cemetery at Renick.

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