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May 19, 1966

Another bear got into R. Kyle Hannah’s sheep over Elk and Martin Sharp took the dogs over Friday and got a 210 pound male bear, just about the same place as the one last week. The dogs got up two bears, one got by the man on the stand, but Martin, who is the son of the late Oscar Sharp, well known bear hunter, took off after this one and soon had it. It was a short hunt. A heavy mast last fall brought a lot of bear in and the sheep are mighty tempting.

After a rain scare before noon, Saturday afternoon was a beautiful parade day. The entries were varied and interesting – we will have a list soon. Some made note of accomplishments, such as the first school forest of Green Bank High School, and the new Visitors Center on Cranberry; some carried out the clean-up theme – all showed a lot of work and interest by businesses and organizations. The week before showed a lot of cleaning, painting and fixing also. It is a worthwhile program.
The bands seemed unusually good. The Coca-Cola Bottling Company treated them to drinks afterwards.

Ed White, world traveler and noted editorial writer, will speak at the Historical Society meeting to be held Monday evening at the Museum.
Mr. White writes a weekly column in the Charleston Gazette and his writings have been given national publicity for their thoroughness and provocative nature. Mr. White has recently returned from an extended tour of Spain and Portugal.

Land Judging
The Marlinton Chapter Future Farmers of America placed second in the district Land Judging Contest, held at Lewisburg May 9. Seven counties and fourteen schools were represented.
The four contestants from Marlinton Chapter were: Dolan Irvine, John Waugh, Albert Wade and Ronald Van Meter. The high scorer was Albert Wade.

The Valedictorian for Hillsboro High School is Miss Karen Chappell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Chappell.
Donald Vannoy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Orval W. Vannoy, of Durbin, was chosen Valedictorian of Green Bank High School.
The Valedictorian of Marlinton High School, Class of 1966, is Harriet Johnson. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Z. Johnson, of Edray.

Hillsboro High School Class of 1966
Larry Argile Arbogast, Nancy Joan Bennett, Karen Bess Chappell, Mont C. Copenhaver, George Tho-mas Edgar, William Virgil Fowler, Steve Elwood Hall, Phyllis Ann Hill, Richard Allen Hill, James Norman Jones, Ronald Curtis Keaton, Pauline Lane, James Nicholas Lilly, Elizabeth Edgar McNeel Workman, Virginia Mae Oscar, Shirley Jean Oscar Thompson, Patricia Jane Pritt, Billy Harper Puffenbarger Bettie Lou Rose, Sandra Faye Rose, Harold Gene Sharp, Karen Sue Tacy, Alfred Lee Thom-pson, Larry Lee Totten, Franklin Dale Turner, Vernon Clay Walker, Nancy Virginia Walton, Preston Good- wyn White, Jr., Ada Nadine Wilfong, Henny Dalphene Workman, Judy Dorthena Workman, Solomon S. Workman and Jerry Lee Hartman.

Green Bank High School Class of 1966
Mary Ann Aldridge, Marilyn Jean Baldwin, Kay Dare Bennett, Delores Jean Brewster, Barbara Jean Brown, Donna Kaye Burner, Barbara Jean Cassell, Connie M. Cassell, Sherry S. Cassell, Paula Mae Clarkson, Dorothy J. Collins, Erma Lucille Collins, Mille E. Collins, Carolyn S. Davis, Violet Davis, Linda Kay Elza, Linda Jean Foe, Beverly Anne Galford, Donna Jean Greathouse, Barbara Kay Hill, Karen Mae Lantz, Nancy W. Moore, Janice Lee Mullenax, Mary Sue Mc-Laughlin, Jane Ann Nottingham, Mary C. Prater, Gloria Gail Riggsby, Henrietta M. Shinaberry, Patsy W. Tacy, Beverly Ann Taylor, Gab-riele VonHoerner, Patricia L. Walso, Nancy Kay Waybright, Jeanie Madge White, Candice Rae Widney, Charlotte G. Wilfong, Minerva K. Wilfong, James Edward Arbogast, Benjamin Brown Campbell, James Edward Cassell, William Ellis Curry, Jr., Dewey Hunter Ervine, Jr., David Andy Geiger, Glen Paul Grandon, Wayne Daniel McQuain, Thomas Blair Oliver, Jesse Lynn Peck, Charles Eugene Rexrode, Danny Asbury Sheets, Donald Burr Sheets, William Howard Simmons, Donald Wayne Vannoy and Robert Dennis Wade.

Marlinton High School Class of 1966
Lee Anderson, Lonnie Armstrong, Bobby Beverage, Jane Beverage, Peggy Beverage, Harriet Cartrette, Sandra Cromer, Myrtle Daugherty, Larry Davis, John Dean, Nancy Diller, James Dilley, Ronald Doyle, Brenda Friel, Robert Gray, Jerry Green, Mary Ann Hannah, Helen Hefner, Patty Hill, Sandy Hinds, Linda Hockenberry, Dale Hollandsworth, Dolan Irvine, Linda Irvine, Delores Johnson, Harriet Johnson, Marie Kelley, Alice Kelly, Fern Kennedy, Richard Maddy, Roger Maddy, James Markley, Linda McCarty, Robert McComb, Minnie McLaughlin, Michael McMann, Virginia Miller, Lana Moore, Linda Moore, Diana Parsons, Raymond Pryor, Kenneth Quick, Steve Quick, Shirley Reed, Linda Reynolds, Joe Sharp, Gene Simmons, Albert Smith, Edgar Smith, Joseph Smith, David Sparks, Judy Thomas, Cheryl Thomas, Robert Triplett, Donald VanMeter, Albert Wade, Gary Wamsley, Helen Wamsley, Marion Ware and Danny Wyatt.

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