March 16, 1966

Students Honored
Miss Pamela Sue Dilley and Billy Graham, students at Marlinton High School, have returned from Morgantown where they attended the Junior Executive Conference, held at West Virginia University.
They were chosen through a selective process by the advisory committee at West Virginia University…
Pamela Sue is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Dilley, of Huntersville, and Billy is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Graham, of Buckeye.

Marlinton High School
The Marlinton High School play, January Thaw, has been cast with two people in some of the roles. They will play alternate performances.
Frieda: Sharon Shrader, Martha Jo Smith; Herbert Gage: George Meadows, Billy Graham; Sara Gage: Cindy Faulknier, Carmen Barrett; Paula Gage: Ruth Dunn, Janice Dunbrack; Marg Gage: Carole Stemple, Kay Landis; George Husted: Kenneth McLaughlin; Jona-than Rockwood: John Waugh, Tim Thomas; Mathilda Rockwood: Judy Weatherholt, Eileen Kelley; Loomis: Jerry Duncan; Uncle Walter: John Roy; Matt: John Jett; Carson: Mike Shaw; Constable: Kenny Nottingham.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Player, of Raleigh, North Carolina, a daughter, named Rhonda Rachella.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carpenter, of Arbovale, a son, named Michael Cameron.

Mrs. Odessa Ryder Gragg, of Clover Lick; burial in the Mountain View Cemetery.
Oscar Warwick Sharp, 46, was killed Monday afternoon, March 14, by a slate fall in the Crichton Number 4 Mine in Nicholas County. Oscar was widely known as a skilled bear hunter. A son of Mrs. Mary Catherine Sharp and the late Warwick Sharp. Burial in Sharp Cemetery.
Merl Sharp, 49, died at Pocahontas County Memorial Hospital March 12 of pneumonia. Born at Wood- row, a son of Divers and Molly Snyder Sharp. Burial in the Cochran Cemetery.
Mrs. Carrie Overholt Devers, 77, of Marlinton; born at Hillsboro, a daughter of the late Henry A. and Clara Sharp Overholt. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

A Timely Poem
I know that I ain’t very smart
So I try to do some readin’
Then I come onto an artickle
At first seemed sum misleadin’.
Sum feller said a bunch of them
Had got it in thur head
To show the world that they could prove
To all that God wuz dead.
They couldn’t prove Him by no book
Unless it wuz the Bible
And they ain’t got no faith in it
They say it ain’t reliable.
They sed th’ world is growin’ up
And movin’ on a pace
And in this rat race where we live
God jist ain’t got no place.
You’d think th’ way they told it
God couldn’t keep in stride
And when the going got too rough
He jest laid down and died.
The fact that they wuz preachers
Made a person kinda wunder
What kinda spell it wuz they tried
To put th’ people under.
They kaint be worried ‘bout thur souls,
They think we ain’t got any.
The Bible is just a story book
And just ain’t worth a penny.
I’d think they’d be right smart ashamed
To be so durn deceivin’
To preach each Sunday mornin’ ‘bout
A god they don’t believe in.
It set me kinda wunderin’ tho
If I had done my part
To let folks around me know
God’s livin’ in my heart;
The God my mother told me of
When I was jist a boy
Is still as much alive today
And fills my heart with joy.
If folks who want thur God to be
All packaged up so neat
Would wear thur pants out on the knees
Instead of on the seat.
They’d find this God they think is dead
Is here this very hour
A might livin’ lovin’ God
With great soul sayin’ power.
Sherman E. Markley, pstor Minnehaha Springs Methodist Charge

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