February 3, 1966

Snow, snow, snow. Winter started late but the past ten days have been a good example of winter. After the first big snow, seven or eight inches fell last Wednesday. Then Saturday from early morning, a steady fine snow continued until Sunday morning. A guess was made at ten to fourteen inches, but a bitterly cold wind blew and drifted it until nobody knew. Rt. 219 on Elk was blocked for a while Sunday and only about half the secondary roads were opened by Tuesday afternoon when 4 or 5 inches of snow fell quickly. The coldest we heard was 12 – 14 below zero Sunday night and Monday morning.

Twenty-Five Years
Shannon E. Withers, Chester H. Shifflett and Carl W. Nottingham have been honored by the International Shoe Company with twenty-five year service pins and letters from the Company president congratulating them on their long and faithful service. The men started work the latter part of 1940, when the International Shoe Company took over the operation of the tannery.

Boys and Girls in Service
Gilbert J. Sheets, a native of Green Bank, has been promoted to Senior Chief Gunner Mate, USN, at the Headquarters of the Commandant, Tenth Naval District, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Sheets, who entered the Navy in 1945, reported to San Juan for duty from the Navy Recruiting Branch Station at Reseda, California. He is presently in charge of the San Juan Recruiting Station.
Chief Sheets, the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Samuel G. Sheets, is married to the former Blanch E. Hamed, also of Green Bank; they and their daughter, Theresa Ann, 14, live in the San Patricio Naval Housing Area in San Juan.
Saturday we were talking to Bill Evans at the Edray Trout Hatchery and there wasn’t much new but Sunday he called to say the circular ponds had frozen for the first time. The temperature was ten below zero but it has been colder than that and they hadn’t frozen. The creek was also frozen. Mr. Evans, who has been at the Hatchery for 32 years, guessed as the reason – that so much snow had fallen and blown into the water and the wind was so cold and steady. The temperature of the spring water was 39, which was the coldest on record, the previous low being 44.
He said he wasn’t able to get all of the scheduled trout stocking done the past ten days, due to some of that white stuff around the mountain roads, but previous to that they were carrying out planned stocking for the year-round trout fishing. He thinks the new plan will make for better fishing and be better for the hatcheries also.
This winter stocking is something new. A few fish were lost two weeks ago on Cranberry but it wasn’t as bad as had been reported. It could have been the temperature or it could have been the long haul from Petersburg.
Cranberry has been stocked before and 50 of the fish had been tagged. Five tags have already been returned. People are fishing every time the weather breaks…

Fire Department
Report for 1965
407 1/2 Man Hours spent on 24 fire calls
250 Hours on 116 Emergency Ambulance Calls
1,872 Hours on Drills and Business Meeting
2,500 Hours on Fundraising Projects
5,029 1/2 Man Hours used to maintain our department in 1965
$80,000 invested in equipment and building
18 members are now taking a 38 hour Firemen’s Extension Course from WVU
6 members completed a 16 hour Firemen’s School at Summersville in May.
Equipment purchased from November 1952 to present:
2 – 750 GPM Pumpers
1 – Emergency Ambulance
1 – Squad Car
1 – 50’ Ladder Truck
1 – 500 GPM Pumper
27 – sets coats, boots, helmets
2-Way Radio Equipment
Fire Station
Office Furniture
Modern Fire Alarm System
15 Dress Uniforms
2 – Portable 250 GPM Pumps

A candlelight, double-ring ceremony held Saturday evening, January 22, 1966, at seven o’clock in the Marlinton Presbyterian Church united in marriage Sondra Bee Nelson and Harold Lee Cochran.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff W. Nelson, of Slaty Fork, and the groom is the son of Mrs. Edna Webb and the late Harold Lee Cochran, of Marlinton.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Grey McComb, of Huntersville, a son, named Kevin Harold.
Born to A-FC and Mrs. Samuel Cassell, of Cass, a daughter, named Edwina Lynn.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Moses Durrette, of Marlinton, a son, named Michael Lavelle.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Wentz Curry, of Garden Grove, California, a daughter, named Brenda Sue.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Glen Lambert, of Bartow, a son.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. William Tyler, of Harrisonburg, Virginia, a son, named William Michael.

Mrs. Edith Marie Flynn, 70, of Arbovale; mother of Mrs. Evelyn Sutton and Mrs. June Riley; burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.
Mrs. Tina Belle Newcomb Smith, 78, of Marlinton; recipient of an honorary life membership by the Women’s Society of Christian Service. She was preceded in death by her husband Berton E. Smith, Sr. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

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