Thursday, December 10, 1965

About three inches of snow at Durbin Tuesday, two at Cass. Two above zero Wednesday at Minnehaha.

– – –

The Reynolds bus slid into a truck on icy roads on Elk Mountain Monday, then into the guard rail. Another bus was sent from Buckhannon. None of the passengers was hurt.

– – –

A truck failed to make a curve and plunged over a 70-foot embankment on U. S.  33 at Bowden, east of Elkins Saturday, killing the only occupant. He was Donald E. Lantz, 43, of Elkins. He was the brother of Mrs. Tony Ricottilli.

– – –

Oliver H. Tacy was wound-ed in a freak storm in Germany about a month ago. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Tacy, of Cass.

– – –

P. F. “Bus” Long will start work Thursday at the Marlinton C&O Station, following the closing of the Cass Station. Ray Looney will move from Marlinton to the Renick Station.

New Drug Store

Marlinton will have a new drug store next week. Marlinton Drugs, Inc., will open in the building now occupied by Marlinton Cut-Rate, formerly the newsstand. The charter of the company was recorded last week. Incorporators are Myles Crowder, Jack Root and G. B. Edmiston, all of Webster Springs…

The building will be fully remodeled and redecorated and all new equipment will be installed. They will have a small fountain and lunch counter.

Viet Nam Service Roll

S Sg Ray C. Wilfong, Sp4 Marvin D. Tallman, PFC Roger E. Cain, Sp4 James J. Godwin, Sgt. David R. McLaughlin, Sp4 Billy R. Perry, Staff Sgt. Joe E. Sharp, S F C James A. Bussard, A 1-C Stephen J. Buzzard, Sp4 Billie C. Halterman, SP4 Forrest C. McLaughlin, SP4 Paul D. Pennington, Daniel L. Moore, Capt. MC Kenneth B. McLaughlin, PFC Robert D. Goldizen, PFC Rex M. Waugh, Sgt. Blaine C. Bostic, Jackie Nelson, EOC, SP 5 William E. Price, Sgt. A. A. Arbogast, S-Sgt. Letcher S. Landis, PFC Everett McMillion, Sgt. William D. Buzzard, S-Sgt. Melvin H. Wilt, SP4 Harold Douglas Moore, A2-C Clark B. Miller, SP4 Richard Doyle.


Walker Roy Blankenship, of Frankford, is well-known throughout this area. He served Greenbrier County in the 55th Legislature and has been a Justice of the Peace for more than 20  years, plus other diversified occupations in fields such as writing, public speaking, etc.

He thinks everyone should indulge in the desire – which most everyone has – to write a book. So he did.

It is a small paperback and he has called it “I Plucked the Horsefeathers.”

He has dedicated the little book to his very much admired friend, Thomas C. Edgar, of Hillsboro. He so admires him he says he would rather be Edgar than king of any country in the civilized world.

Anyway,  Blankenship records his thoughts and memories on everything from horseless carriages to TV commercials, and satisfies his yen to write a book.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Vency Dilley, of Marlinton, a daughter, named Marceline Renee.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Don Kiner, of Newport News, Virginia, a son, named Don Namen.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Wilfong, of Mill Point, a son.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Henry Lambert, of Frank, a daughter, named Jacqueline Lynn.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Elza, of Cass, a daughter.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Brown Cassell, of Cass, a daughter.

Gay Sharp, 59, of Marlinton,  a son of the late Mrs E. R. and Lucy Gay Sharp. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

Charles H. Dixon, 52, of Marlinton, a son of Mrs. Lillian Wormald, of Cincinnati, Ohio, and the late F. L. Dixon. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

Irvine George (Chief) Dunbrack, 75, of Campbelltown, a son of the late George Alexandria and Harriet Ryder Dunbrack. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

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