December 2, 1965

The count on deer checked through Tuesday was 398. Conservation Officer White reported 195 for upper Pocahontas. We were unable to get Officer Polling, but McLaughlin’s Station at Huntersville reported 105, Tennant’s 12, Brill’s 52, and Lilly’s 29. This weekend will bring a big surge of hunters. Last year’s count was 404, 1963 and 1962, 376 each, 1961, 299.
Mrs. Mary Gay killed a 12-point buck on Sharp’s Knob which weighed 165 pounds, hog dressed.
Bill Harper shot an 11-point buck last week. Herb Friel got a nice buck, close to home early Thanksgiving Day. John C. Sharp killed a big 10-point buck at Coopers Rock near Morgantown Wednesday, estimated weight about 200 pounds.

How’s this for Piracy?
May the two deer hunters that took the 6-point buck that Frank Barrett shot from him at gun point, on Monday, November 22, the first day of deer season in the Hill Country, 8:30 a.m., enjoy the meat and the tales of how they shot it. He shot it only to have these two men to appear and claim the deer at gun point. There was nothing to do but walk away.

Roger Sharp was runner-up at Pittsburgh in the Punt, Pass and Kick competition Sunday.
Named by the Charles-ton Gazette in the 1965 All-southern football selections were  Don Vannoy, guard, Green Bank, second team; Dolan Irvine, Marlinton, special honorable mention; George Meadows, Bill Graham, Marlinton, and Bob Sheets and Lynn Peck, Green Bank, honorable mention.

The frame home of Mr. and Mrs. Buford Doyle at Mace was destroyed by fire about 4:30 Tuesday morning. The Valley Head Fire Department answered the call but the house was too far gone. Only a few items were saved. The Doyles have five children, four at home.
The Marlinton Fire Department answered a call Monday to the home of the Rev. and Mrs. B. W. John. A flue fire caused no damage.

Does History Repeat?
It has been said that history repeats itself. There are many ironic parallels to be drawn between the deaths of Lincoln and Kennedy, who were slain by assassins.
1. Both presidents were concerned with civil rights.
2. Lincoln was elected in 1860; Kennedy in 1960.
3. Both were slain on Friday in the presence of their wives.
4. Their successors were both named Johnson, were Southerners, Democrats, and had served in the U. S. Senate.
5. Andrew Johnson was born in 1803. Lyndon Johnson in 1903.
6. John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Lincoln, was born in 1839. Lee Harvey Oswald was born in 1939.
7. Both Booth and Oswald were Southerners favoring an unpopular cause.
8. Both slayers of Booth and Oswald – Boston Corbeth and Jack Ruby – murdered the two assassins before the trial.
9. Both presidents’ wives lost children by death while living in the White house.
10. Both presidents were shot in the head.
11. Kennedy’s secretary was named Lincoln and Lincoln’s secretary we named Kennedy.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mullens, of Hunters-ville, a daughter, named Debra Lynn.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. James Shearer, of Buckeye, a daughter, named Patricia Darlene.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Galford, of Bartow, a son, named Allen Wayne.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. George H. Moore, Sr., of Painesville, Ohio, a son, named Mark Hull.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth May of Beltsville, Maryland, a son, named Brian Kent.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. William Pyles, of Redford, Massachusetts, a son, named William Leonard.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. S. K. Morrison, of Columbus, Ohio, a son, named Alton Keith, II.

Irvine “Chief” Dunbrack 75, died Tuesday, November 30, in Pocahontas Memorial Hospital. Service in Campbelltown Methodist Church with burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

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