November 18, 1965

Boys and Girls in Service
Private Denny L. Hansford, son of Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Hansford, of Marlinton, was home on leave after finishing his basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. He is now stationed in Anchorage, Alaska.
Carl W. Price, grandson of Mrs. Emma Price, entered the Army in August and took his basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. He is now stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.
Sp5 Michael E. Sharp, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rex Sharp, of Frost, is spending a 25-day leave with his parents and grandmother, Mrs. E. G. Sharp, at Frost… He will be going to Fort Brooks, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Herb Friel completed his service with the U. S. Army on October 28, and is at home with his mother, Mrs. Morris Friel.

M.H.S. News
Marlinton High School seniors will give two public performances of the play, “Cheaper by the Dozen,” at the High School Auditorium at 8:00 on Friday, November 19, and Saturday, November 20.
The three-act comedy is from the book of the same title by Frank B. Gilbreth, Jr., played by Dale Hollandsworth, and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey, played by Patty Rimel, who have depicted the life of the 12 Gilbreth children in the twenties under the guidance of their father, played by John Dean, who was an efficiency expert in a factory. It was his firm conviction that what worked in the factory would work in the home…
Judy Thomas is the student director, and Mrs. Florence Bailey, the faculty director.

Scouting Trip
Two hundred and fifty scouts from the Clarksburg area spent a weekend on Cheat Mountain the first weekend in October. This trip was planned by Dr. Thomas E. King, formerly of Marlinton, as chairman of the Camping and Activities Committee.
After riding the Cass Scenic Railway to the Gum field they shouldered their packs and hiked four and a half miles to make camp at the old lumber town of Spruce. Here, at 4,000 feet elevation, they spent much time examining the debris and foundations of the mill and lumber town. A campfire program Saturday night and church service Sunday after the hike back to the railroad rounded out the weekend.

Mosley – Evans
Miss Nancy Miles Evans and Thomas Albert Mosley pledged their wedding vows in a quiet ceremony in Shreveport, Louisiana, Tuesday evening, October 12, 1965, at six o’clock.
Mrs. Mosley is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Miles Evans, of Marlinton.
The bridegroom is the son of Robert Eli Mosley, of Magnolia, Arkansas, and the late Mrs. Ann Mosley.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin D. Gay, of Marlinton, a son, named Bryan Steven.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sharp, of Mill Point, a son, named Dwaine Dale.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Loyal Waugh, Jr., of Marlinton, a son.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Douglas White, of Frank, a daughter.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. William Campbell, of Baltimore, Maryland, formerly of Dunmore, a son, named William David.

Mrs. Mattie Brown Hamed, 75, of Green Bank; a member of Liberty Presbyterian Church; burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.
Mrs. Louise S. Doerr, about 60; survived by her husband, Roy J. Doerr. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.
Benjamin Franklin Long, 77, of Marlinton; a son of the late Atchius M. and Nancy Bennett Long. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.
Mrs. Mary Edgar Beard Johnson, 79, of Arlington, Virginia; born at Hillsboro, a daughter of the late M. Lee and Emma Clark Beard. Burial in the Monticello Memorial Cemetery at Charlottesville.
Kenneth E. Thieman, 67, of Talcott. He was superintendent of the Federal Prison at Mill Point for 20 years.
Richard Allen Lovelace, 18, of Marlinton; a son of Lloyd Lovelace, of Middletown, New York, and the late Nellie Grey Tidd Lovelace. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.
Mrs. Ruth W. Fuhrman, 74, of Valley Head; born at Dunmore, a daughter of the late William K. and Georgianna Siple Jackson. Burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.

– – –
When I quit this mortal shore,
And mozy round this earth no more;
Don’t go and buy a big bouquet
For which you’d find it had o pay;
Don’t mope around and fret all blue,
I may be better off than you.
Don’t tell the folks I was a saint,
Or any old thing that I ain’t;
If you have jam like that to spread;
Give it to me before I’m dead.
If you have roses, bless my soul,
Just pin one in my button hole;
While I’m alive and well today,
Don’t wait until I’m gone away– Sent in by T. M. Sutton

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