Thursday, January 16, 1964

From the desk of Mrs. Jane Price Sharp

The home of Tony Ricottilli at Buckeye was destroyed by fire early Wednesday morning.

Rain and a lessening of winter’s grip took the ice out of the river and creek last Thursday. But a foot of snow on Monday followed by high winds assured us winter is still here and gave the school children a two-day holiday.

During the last cold storm, Buford Dilley went out on the back porch of his home at Mace late at night for some wood. Hearing a noise, he turned on the light and saw a wildcat run off. It had been eating with the cats. The next day they found a wildcat hung in the yard fence.

Glades Development

The prospectus for the development of the Mill Point Prison Camp site is contained in a new Forest Service publication. This is an attractive presentation of the Cranberry area inviting private investors to develop a resort near the Cranberry Glades.

The initial plan, calling for an investment of $1,200,000, will consist of a 50 room lodge, restaurant, swimming pool, 25 guest cabins, and service buildings, plus optional facilities of a golf course, tennis court and riding stables, also provision for winter sports.

Bids will be received at the the Forest Supervisor’s office in Elkins and at the Regional Forester’s office at upper Darby, Pennsylvania, by June 30, 1964.


Sally Rose and Robert Michael have been chosen by the Junior Class to represent Marlinton High School at Know Your State Government Day in Charleston on March 2.

The Marlinton Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America held their regular monthly meeting Thursday, January 9, in the auditorium. The meeting was called to order and the opening ceremony was given. Devotions were given by the following: Harriet Goddin, Alice Kelley, Carolyn Dean, Marsha Madison and Charlotte Lacy. Membership Cards for the year were given out. Plans were discussed for the election of the FFA Chapter Sweetheart. The following program was presented: Readings by Judy Bennett, Sue Ellen Welder, Paula Beverage, Sharon Shrader, Dana Fuhrman, Cindy Faulknier. “Let it Snow” was sung by Vicki Sharp, Charlotte Sharp and Sue Ellen Welder. A skit was presented by Cheryl McNeill, L. J. McElwee and Becky McCune. A song was sung by Carla Gladwell. The meeting was adjourned.

Dear Editor:

In answer to the letter published in The Pocahontas Times last week written by Bill Arbogast concerning the State Road Commission and the taxpayer, I wish to answer it.

I am an employee of the State Road Commission and have been for 18 or 19 years. The effort the State Road men make with their equipment to give service to the public working day and night without rest is not realized.

If these people who are making these complaints would be called out some night in this zero weather and placed in the back of a cinder truck in trying to keep the main highway passable, they would understand how impossible it would be to clean out driveways.

In regard to the taxpayer, if some people would do a little more for themselves rather than depend on the state and our government, maybe our taxes wouldn’t be quite so high and we would have a better country in which to live.

I recall an incident on a clear highway where a car upset and it was not due to any neglect by the state road men.

Emmett Taylor


Born to Mr. and Mrs. James Elza, of Cass, a daughter, named Denise Ann.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Keffer, of Boyer, a daughter.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Withers, of Marlinton, a son.


Judge S. H. Sharp, 83, of Charleston; funeral at the Marlinton Presbyterian Church.

Arch Jennings Galford, age 77, of Dunmore; a son of the late William W. and Ada Mayse Galford; retired farmer and member of Wesley Chapel Methodist Church at Dunmore; burial in the Wesley Chapel Cemetery.

George Harrison Ryder, 84, of Huntersville; a son of the late Henry C. and Mary Ann Richie Ryder; retired farmer and member of The Church of God on Cummings Creek; burial in the Beaver Creek Cemetery

Newman Payatt, 78, of Mill Point, a son of the late Eliga and Sarah Showoner Payatt; burial in Ruckman Cemetery.

Denise Dawn Chapman, ten month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Chapman, of Baltimore, Maryland, formerly of Cass; burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.

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