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Dilley, Hollandsworth, Burns win BOE seats

Jaynell Graham

Voter turnout in Pocahontas County for the mid-term primary election was just shy of 35 percent. Of the 5,523 registered voters in the county, 1,917 let their voices be heard.

Several races attracted interest in this election, the one closest home being the race for three open seats on the Pocahontas County Board of Education.

Northern District candidate Justin Dilley was the top vote getter in that race, coming in with 1,261 votes or 25.91 percent of votes cast. Southern District candidate Sue Hollandsworth followed with 900 votes, or 18.49 percent; and Central District candidate John Burns took the third spot with 653 votes or 13.42 percent.

Other candidates and their vote totals were: Sam Gibson with 570 votes; Jessica Dunbrack Hefner with 511; Jay Miller, 470; Emery Grimes, 343; and Michael Vance with 156.

In other races, Evan Jenkins received 335 votes in the county in the Republican race for U. S. Senate, followed by Patrick Morrisey with 228. Don Blankenship was third with 120 votes.

Early reporting in the state showed Morrisey leading in that race statewide.

Joe Manchin, III, received 62.16 percent, or 598 votes in the county in the Democrat Senate candidate race. His opponent, Paula Jean Swearengin, received 364 votes. Early results showed Manchin with 71.52 percent of the vote statewide.

Conrad Lucas was the top vote getter in the county in the Republican race for U. S. House of Representatives. However, early reporting showed Rupie Phillips and Marty Gearheart leading in the 3rd Congressional District.

On the Democrat ticket for the U. S. House 3rd Congressional District, Richard Ojeda, II, handily won the nod in Pocahontas County with 480 votes, to his next highest opponent, Mr. Shirley Love, with 263. In early reporting, Ojeda was holding 52.63 percent of the vote district-wide.

Pocahontas County resident Laura Finch received 719 votes, 76.90 percent, in her home county, in the Demo-crat race for State Senate 11th Senatorial District. Her opponent Margaret Kerr Beckwith ended the day with 216 votes. Early results showed Finch leading district-wide.

Bill Hamilton defeated incumbent Robert Karnes in Pocahontas County 425 to 296 in the Republican race for State Senate 11th Senatorial District. Early results showed Hamilton in the lead district-wide.

Incumbents Phil Isner and Bill Hartman won the two Democrat spots in Pocahontas County for House of Delegates 43rd Delegate District , and early results showed them in the lead district-wide, as well.

On the Republican side of the House of Delegates race, William “Ty” Nestor received 505 votes in the county to opponent Mike House’s 270. That 65 percent vs 35 percent was carrying in the district early, as well.

State and national race results are subject to change as we go to press late Tuesday night.

These are unofficial county totals.The Ballot Commissioners will canvass the election results beginning at 9 a.m. Monday in the county commission room at the Pocahontas County Courthouse.

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