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Archery team hosts tournament at PCHS

The Marlinton Elementary School Archery team won first place at the tournament Saturday at Pocahontas County High School. The team qualified for the state tournament which is scheduled for Saturday, March 25, at the Charleston Civic Center. Front row, from left: Ramona Hardy, Whitney Roberts, Riley Pollack, Eden Smith, Rachel Felton and Caleb Ritter. Second row, from left: Hannah Burks, Owen Barb, Clair Burgess, Colten Luikart, Abigail McClure, Jasey Kramer, Jachobi Teter, Sabina Leyzorek and Adam Workman. Not pictured: Jersey Simmons and Ronnie Simmons. S. Stewart photo

Suzanne Stewart
Staff Writer

The Pocahontas County Archery team hosted a tournament Saturday at Pocahontas County High School, with teams from Peterstown elementary and middle schools, Elkview elementary and middle schools, James Monroe High School, Pickens School and Fayetteville High School.

By the end of the day, the Pocahontas County elementary and middle teams each placed first and PCHS placed third. The elementary team also qualified for the state tournament, as did individual members of the middle and high school teams.

With a final score of 2,871, the elementary team had the second highest score submitted to the state tournament qualifier. Members of the team are: third grade – Colten Luikart, Owen Barb, Whitney Robertson, Ramona Hardy and Claire Burgess. Fourth grade – Riley Pollack, Jachobi Hannah Teter, Ronnie Simmons, Eden Smith, Rachel Felton, Devon Burgess, Abigail McClure, Caleb Ritter and Jasey Kramer. Fifth grade – Jersey Simmons, Adam Workman, Sabina Leyzorek, Hannah Burks, Cheyenne Dean and Lacey Stewart.

Individual awards: girls – first place, Jersey Simmons; second place, Riley Pollack; and fifth place, Sabina Leyzorek. Boys – second place, Jachobi Hannah Teter; third place, Adam Workman; and fourth place, Ronnie Simmons.

The middle school team had a final score of 3,284. Team members are: sixth grade – Christopher Price, Ryan Roy, Haley Spencer, Jazzlyn Teter, Waylon Lucabaugh, Braeden Hayhurst, Jesse Kelley and Jaryd Friel. Seventh grade – Makenna McKenney, Max Ervine, Gareth Ryder, Macaden Taylor, Hazel Riley, Rayna Smith, Cassie Moats, Ryan Robertson, Delania Luikart, Mary Pauley, Haylee Hayhurst, Dakota Snider, Frankie Burgess, Jaedyn Irvine and Madalyn Mel-linger. Eighth grade – T.D. Sparks, Maria Workman, Brandon Price, Silas Riley, Joni Barlow, Jesse Bostic, Conner Spencer, Breanna Sharp, Jacob Kinnison, Tessa Kiner, Emmalee Dean and Aleaxis McClure.
Individual awards: girls – first place, Maria Workman; and second place, Makenna McKenney. Boys – first place, T.D. Sparks and fifth place, Max Ervine.

Qualifying for the state tournament were: Brandon Price, Breanna Sharp, Christopher Price, Conner Spencer, Delania Luikart, Frankie Burgess, Gareth Ryder, Haley Spencer, Hazel Riley, Jacob Kinnison, Jaryd Friel, Jesse Bostic, Jesse Kelly, Joni Barlow, Macaden Taylor, Makenna McKenney, Maria Workman, Mary Pauley, Max Ervine, Rayna Smith, Ryan Robertson, Ryan Roy, Silas Riley and T.D. Sparks.

The high school team had a final score of 3,194. Team members are: sixth grade – Catlin Mallow. Seventh grade – Mateus Stitzinger. Ninth grade – Ally Lane, Devyn Young, Michael Hardesty, Kelly Pyne and Collen Buzzard. 10th grade – Benjamin Davis and Cody Kiner. 11th grade – Jason Jackson, Matthew Pritt, Laura Leyzorek and Dalton Sharp. 12th grade – Carlie Ervine.

Individual awards: girls – first place, Ally Lane. Boys – fifth place, Devyn Young.

Lane and Young both qualified for the state tournament.

The state tournament will be Saturday, March 25 at the Charleston Civic Center.

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