A reading connection

Students in Kelli Tallman’s fifth grade class at Green Bank Elementary-Middle School recently participated in a fun book report activity.

“All of the kids had to choose either a biography or an autobiography,” Tallman said. “After reading the book, they had to use five adjectives that described their person, along with two quotes and a picture of them. They also got to do all of this on a white T-shirt, and they had a blast. It was really fun for the kids, and hopefully it will inspire them to read more about some of the characters that they look up to. Some of the people they chose to read about were Walt Disney, Abraham Lincoln and Milton Hershey. I hope this will open a door for them in the future to go out and achieve their dreams.”

Pictured, front row, l to r: Mileya Bircher, Olivia Vandevender, Cody Lewis, Destiney Meeks, Ciasha Waddell, Aleea Carr and Ben Lambert. Middle row: Mackenna Shinaberry, Summer Warner, Trenton Gray, Jeremie Mick, Paige Vandevender, Adelyn Warner, Shan Snelson, Ethan McLaughlin and Treyson Simmons. Back row: Jacob Arbogast, Loreli Wolfe, Jacob Taylor, Kristopher Arbogast, Emilynn Hall, Madeline Ray, Wyatt Hendrick, Kaelyn Wolfe, Hailey Meeks and Jordan Jackson.

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