Thursday, December 22, 1966

Argile Arbogast was out looking for bear on Briery Mountain last Friday and ran into some Forestry men and they got to discussing game, etc. They told a tale of a contractor on a job on Cranberry River who had cut down a tree on a bear’s storm bed; the bear moved around the hill and out of sight. The next day he followed the tracks around the hill and not very far away ran on to this bear humped up against the cold. The bear raised up and looked at the man, understandably quite exciting him and moved on.
That night “Windy” Vaughan, who works with the Gauley District Forestry crew, also brought home the bear tale to Hillsboro and so Saturday morning the bear hunters were off. “Windy, Bill Ruckman, Argile Arbogast, Larry Arbogast, Walter McNeill, Elvern Totten, Lee Dean, Warren Williams, “Mont” Copenhaver and Krellis Wimer – he has a walkie talkie that proves to be a handy thing on a bear hunt. Several of the men brought their dogs. They went in from the Richwood side and walked about three miles before they found the bear tracks. It was too cold to turn many dogs loose, so one dog was put on the tracks and just over a knoll jumped the bear – he had moved only a little ways each time he had been disturbed. This was on Queen Branch in Webster County about a mile away.
“Windy Vaughan got him with one shot.
It was a male, lean, weighing 160 to 170 pounds. It looked like a yearling but had the mouth of a 4 or 5 year old – just hadn’t matured. Evidently had been short of food and was probably foraging scraps from the workers’ lunches.
Getting out of that country with a bear and dogs was another story. The road lay across the river. Herman Christian, road job contractor for Georgia Pacific, proved to be real neighborly and brought a neat little dozer down and made several trips across the river, bringing the bear and dogs with men hanging on. He took them on a good ways until they got their trucks and cars. They checked the bear at Richwood.

Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Wooddell, of Green Bank, will be celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary December 27, 1966…

Bob Sheets, of Green Bank High School, was named to the West Virginia Sports Writers Class A All State Team. Sheets passed for 20 touchdowns, completed 57 of 98 passes, and punted for a 45 yard average. Dave Pasternak was named as an end on third team. Given honorable mention were Dean, Graham, McCloud and Roy, of Marlinton; Kane, Gardner and Crist, of Green Bank; and Gladwell and Tenney, Hillsboro.

1st Lt. George (Billy) Clarkson, of Fort Worth, Texas, is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Odie Clarkson, and other relatives and friends.
Raymond Pryor will complete his basic training at Parris Island, South Carolina, December 29. He will spend a ten day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Pryor.
Mrs. C. K. Dilley and daughter, Betsy, and son, Chuck, will spend the holidays with her mother, Mrs. J. E. Buckley, at Tampa, Florida.
Mrs. W. E. Taylor left last week to spend the holidays with her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Taylor, and granddaughter, Mary Rosa, at Springfield, Virginia.

Boys and Girls in Service
SP-4 Billy B. Howard was inducted into the army December 15, 1965 at Fort Knox, Kentucky, and then was sent to Fort Riley, Kansas, for basic training February 1, 1966. He was put in the 9th Infantry Division, known as the “Old Reliables.” The 9th Infantry Division was just organized in 1918, serving in World War I; the unit also served in World War II… Sp-4 Howard went to Fort Gordon, Georgia, for 12 weeks training as a radio operator, graduated from U. S. Army Southeastern Signal School July 15, 1966… He was given a 14-day furlough, which he spent with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Carpenter, of Buckeye, sisters and friends. On November 17, he returned to Fort Riley, Kansas, and on the 27th day of November Billy sailed for Viet Nam. The 9th Infantry Division landed at Saigon the morning of December 19. 1966.
Sp-4 Dwight Byrd, of Mountain Grove, Virginia, has returned from Viet Nam and is spending his furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Byrd, at Mountain Grove, Virginia. He will be stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky. The Byrds have two other sons in Viet Nam.
Army Private Anthony W. Hall, Jr., 19, whose parents live at Hillsboro, completed a field communication crewman course at Fort Dix, New Jersey, November 18.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weatherholt, of Marlinton, announce the engagement of their daughter, Pamela Lynn, to Wayne Lonnie Beverage, son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Beverage, of Marlinton.
– – –
The engagement of Miss Jenny Dalphena Workman, of Souderton, Pennsylvania, to Penick Winters Rose, of Baltimore, Maryland, son of Mr. and Mrs. Penick Rose, of Hillsboro, has been announced by the bride-to-be’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert William Workman, of Hillsboro…
An early August Open Church Wedding is being planed.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Keith Shaw, Jr. of Marlinton, a daughter.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Withers, of West Hyattville, Maryland, a son, named William Shannon.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kelly, of Dunmore, a son.

Samuel David Ervin, 81, a son of the late Edward Newton Ervin and Phoebe Bright Ervin. Mr. Ervin, who was a farmer, owned and operated a farm near Arbovale. Burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.
Mrs. Cora Stewart, 76, formerly of Cass and Marlinton, died at the home of her daughter in Lexington, Kentucky. She was a daughter of the late Andrew and Betty Reynolds Hickman, and a member of Marlinton Presbyterian Church. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.
Wyman Cutlip, about 65, of Lobelia. He was the last of his immediate family. Burial in the Cutlip Cemetery on Droop.
Mrs. Stella Hill Hanna, 64, of Renick, a daughter of the late Doc and Maggie Brown. Burial in the Morningside Cemetery at Renick.
Desmond W. McClure, 63, farmer and coal operator, of Bowden. Born at Woodrow, a son of the late Abraham and Nellie Dunham McClure.
William Boliver Tyree, 96, of Williamsburg, a son of the late John and Charlotte Tyree. Burial in the Andrew Chapel Cemetery.

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