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August 12, 1915

Sheriff Cochran conducted Curry, Kitchen, Dilley and Rider back to the pen last week where these companions in adversity will receive instruction in useful trades under the tutelage of the distinguished masters employed by the commonwealth.
– – –
A coming out party was given by Mrs. Sally Barnley to her former husband, John Y. Fairburn, celebrating his return on his coveted parole from the penitentiary. It was largely attended by friends and acquaintances and the tables groaned under the weight of good things. The editor was invited and was among those present. It will be remembered that when Mr. Fairburn was convicted of killing and butchering a steer over on the waters of the West Fork that the evidence was largely circumstantial and there has always been much doubt in the minds of many citizens about his guilt. He never done nothing agin the rules and he has an envied prison record and the Governor done well to pardon him.
Mrs. Fairburn was so plum discouraged and distressed at the outcome of the trial that she yielded to a momentary impulse and applied for and received a divorce from the bonds of matrimony. She said the other night that she had shed many bitter tears and that she was sorry she had taken that step. Then ye editor had a chance to play the part of Cupid in the courts of Hymen. He seen both parties and then sent for Brother Peasley, and just before the dinner was announced the loving couple stood up together and were pronounced man and wife, and the recording angel dropped a tear on books of memory and smeared the page so that it is too dim to read.
The Record extends its heartiest congratulations to the reunited pair and nobody cannot say we never done one good day’s work while on this mundane sphere. Blisterville (N.C.) Record
– – –
Mrs. Nettie Callison Beard, wife of T. L. Beard, died at her home at Brandy Station, in Culpepper county, Virginia, Thursday, August 6, after a few days illness of peritonitis. She is survived by her husband and their three small daughters, and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Callison. Her body was buried at the McNeel graveyard Sunday afternoon in the presence of an immense congregation; services were conducted by Revs. Eye and Johnson. Mrs. Beard was in the 37th year of her age, and was a most useful christian woman.
– – –
Isaac C. Hill, whose death was mentioned last week was a son of the late George Hill and Martha Edminston Hill, of Hills Creek. He spent his life in the vicinity of Lobelia, and was an honorable and upright citizen. He was married in his young days to Sarah Kinnison, a daughter of the late Jacob Kinnison, who proceeded him to the grave a few years ago. He is survived by five children, two daughters and three sons – Miss Mariam Hill and Mrs. Morgan Kinnison, Ambrose Hill, Richard Hill and Bryan Hill. Mr. Hill was a brave and fearless soldier in the Confederate army, a member of the 22nd Virginia Cavalry, 36th Battalion. He was buried at the Lobelia cemetery.

The grand total of claims for sheep killed by dogs for the year was 147, of an aggregate value of $950. This is an exceedingly sad showing for the county. The number of worthless, ownerless, sheep-killing dogs in this county is a disgrace to a peaceful sheep raising community. Apparently the sheep raiser of the county will be compelled to resort to the gun rule for stray dogs that used to be in effect before the iniquitous dog assessment laws were put in force in this state. In former years in this county a mere suspicion of being a sheep killer sealed that dog’s fate, and the sheep industry was in a more healthy condition then than now.

Dog days have ended and the cry of the katydid may be expected any day warning the people that it is just six weeks to frost. With dog days out of the way, cool nights are to be expected. Not so much attention is paid to dog days except as to whether they are to be wet or dry. If the period comes in with rains, then the season is to be wet, otherwise dry. The rule held good this year. It came in wet and there was plenty of rain until the end. Dog days begin on July 3 and end August 11. It is the period when Sirius, the Dog-star rises and sets with the sun. Sirius is the most brilliant star of the heavens. It is the most brilliant member of the most brilliant constellation Canis Major…
Then when the dog star, the brightest jewel of the firmament rises and sets with the sun and seems to be in conjunction with it, in the heat of the summer, according to the ancient custom we observe the period of dog days. Then the weather is hottest; children suffer most; dogs are inclined to go mad; serpents are most venomous; and the female of the species, the summer girl, drives men to distraction…

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