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Thursday, December 18, 1913

Dennis Kellison was badly cut by J. L. Runion at Raintown, Saturday morning. The two men had had a fight in which Runion has been worsted. Kellison was putting on a heavy woolen shirt preparing to go to work and had the shirt over his head and in no shape to defend himself. Runion attacked him from behind with a knife, cutting great gashes in his arms, shoulders, neck and back. Forty-five stitches were necessary to close the wounds. Kellison is not considered dangerously hurt. Runion immediately took to the woods and when officers came in sight of him he shot at them and went on. At one time Runion lived at Campbelltown. Kellison is a son of Luther Kellison, of Buckeye, and works as fireman on Raine’s log train. A few weeks ago he was on a runaway train when the brakeman was killed by a car jumping the track.

A tragedy of the woods has come to light. One of the bunch of elk which escaped last winter got caught in a tree and died. The elk, a young buck, had evidently been standing on his hind legs and reaching into the top of a small tree to eat and had fallen, catching his neck in the fork of the tree. He had been unable to free himself and met death in the woods. The body was found on the waters of Beaver Creek.


The people are generally well in this neighborhood.

Fred Moore went to Linwood on business last Friday.

Mr. Pennybaker, of Pendleton county, has arrived with his family and will saw for Joe Saunders.

Walter Grimes has built a new barn.

Renick Hogsett and Ed McLaughlin have been making quite an improvement on their places.

Edgar Hamilton was looking after his interests at A.C. Moore’s.

H. P. McLaughlin has not been very well for a few days.

W. T. Moore has been complaining for some time.

Quite a lot of turkeys in this section to market yet.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Grimes, December 14, 1913, a son. Mother and child are doing well.


Our people are glad to see a part of the Gap road above Huntersville being so nicely graded by the Italians, under the personal supervision of G. W. Huntley, Jr. May the good work go on for many months.

Mrs. Carrie Sharp has been quite ill for a few days. Her daughter, Mrs. Peterson, of McDowell, Virginia, is with her.

Work is progressing nicely on the Club House and Minnehaha Springs Hotel; both buildings will be completed early in the spring. This will be one of the finest summer resorts in the world.

J. A. Reid is doing a rushing mercantile business.

J. A. Cleek and E. W. Ruckman each have their houses ready for roofing.

M. F. Herold and C. D. Newman were at Marlinton on business Tuesday.

G. W. Huntley and son have about a dozen teams hauling lumber from the Dever place to Minnehaha. They expect to double this force in a few days.

H. A. Shinaberry is building a large stock barn.

Hundreds of turkeys have recently been marketed from our valley and plenty kept for Christmas. If you don’t believe this is true, Mr. Editor, come up Christmas.


E. H. Roberson is doing a rushing business for Pifer and Williams at Sulphur Spring.

Calvin Cutlip, of Droop Mountain, was in this part over Sunday.

C. C. Baxter and family were visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Register Moore near Marlinton Sunday.

Miss Susie Rogers, of Buckeye, is visiting relatives here.

Howard Beverage, who has been working at Dogway the past year, is spending a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. U. W. Beverage on Stony Creek.

Sawmilling is the order of the day in this neighborhood; have three mills here.

C. C. Baxter butchered some fine hogs last week; one tipped the scales at 400 pounds.



Mrs. Henry Sharp is very ill at this writing.

W. H. Alderman made a flying trip to North Fork last Saturday.

E. N. Moore was in this vicinity last Saturday extending the options on the R.R. right-of-way.

T. S. Alderman purchased a very fine hog from P.A. Rexrode last Saturday. It tipped the beam at 345 pounds dressed.

H. Lee White is breaking his oxen to harness at this writing.

J. B. Alderman is the champion hog raiser. He butchered one recently that weighed 517 pounds dressed. He purchased it from J.I. Lee when it was a pig one month old. It is two-thirds Berkshire and one-third Poland-China, and was seventeen and one-half months old when butchered.

W. S. Palmer has been on the sick list for a few days.

B. F. White, the fin, feather and fur man, is very busy these days.

Minnehaha Springs is on the boom –– so says Roy Crummett.


Mr. and Mrs. Sam McNeel, of the Levels, were in town Monday.

Marion Burr has bought J.W. Yeager’s cottage, near the courthouse.

Mrs. Henry Taylor, of Dunmore, was here Tuesday to qualify as administratrix for her husband’s estate.

J. M. Turner has bought the Hamrick property near Marvin Chapel, and expects to move there by the first of the year.

M. C. Carter killed a yearling pig which netted 475 pounds.

R. K. Burns has sold his fine saddle and driving horse. This beautiful horse has taken “blue ribbons” at several county fairs.


Died, Madelene, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Hiner, after a long illness, aged about eight years. Thursday morning, December 18, 1913.

Died, December 17, 1913, infant child of Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Barker at the tannery.



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