100 Years Ago

Thursday, January 3, 1918


Editor Times –
I want to thank the people of Pocahontas for their kindness in sending thier boys the smoking kits. All were pleased with it in our company. There are 42 Pocahontas boys in the company I am in.

The Trench Mortar boys declared war on turkey December 25 in the mess hall at 12 o’clock and cleaned up on them. Private Gay Campbell blew the bugle call and they made the charge with fork and knife, and they did not have time to retreat. Not one did we lose in the charge – all went back to the barracks with a smile for it was the best dinner I have had since coming to Camp Lee.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Do not pity me or think me sad, for I am glad to be a soldier.

Private Gay Campbell has blown the bugle and that means go to bed. –
V. M. Dilley

Editor Times –
I will write you a few lines this morning. I have not had time to write to anyone but Mother. I am well and having a very good time. The weather is fine here…
I just came off the range Thursday. I did some fine shooting there. The West Virginia boys are better shots than any other regiment in camp. I hear we are going to some other camp in February. I like camp life fine. I send the following, which I trust is good enough to print:
We hate to leave our loved ones
To cross the deep bleu sea,
But now the good old U.S.A.
Is in war with Germany.
The Germans want to own the world,
And you know that will not do,
So when we whip the Kaiser
We will come back to you.
When we hear the cannon roaring,
We’ll be there, you bet, to win.
With the boys from good Camp Shelby
Headed straight for old Berlin. –
Private Luther Beard


Only twenty-four degrees below zero at Marlinton Sunday morning! Thirty-six below in the Levels, and about forty below at Ronceverte. At Cass it was twenty below and at Elkins 27. At Spruce it was not so cold as at Cass. So dry and still was the air that no one suffered unduly until told how low the temperature was, then we all proceeded to freeze to death. In most of the thermometers, the mercury went clear down into the bulb. This is the coldest on record.


Last Sunday morning was the coldest for years – about 25 below zero and plenty of snow. Water is scarce. Some wells are dry.

Orrin Gillispie came home last week after spending about sixteen months in Canada. He said when he left there it was 40 degrees below zero.

James Varner has moved to town.

Brown Varner came home last week to spend holidays with his friends.

Slaty Fork

James Gibson and Charles McGuire have about completed the bridge at Slaty Fork. They have done a good job.

Ivan Sharp came home from the high school at Marlinton and took the measles, but he thinks he will soon be able to return to school.

The scarlet fever seems to have died down – just one case, which took little Margie Gibson to her home above.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shearer, a son.

Stock is looking well, but eating much feed this extremely cold wether.


The hunters have been killing a number of foxes. George W. Taylor and Charley Kelley killed five red foxes last week. They got three of them out of one den. That will save some of the game. The fox catches most all the young of the wild turkey and pheasant, besides destroying the nests of these birds. Then, too, they kill so many lambs, pigs and poultry for the farmer…


On December 20, 1917, a large crowd assembled in the Durbin Methodist church to witness the marriage of Dr. A. E. Burner and Miss Mabel Wilson. The attendants were Messrs. Clyde Carpenter, John Williams, and Jack Carpenter; Misses Nellie and Gladys Vanosdale, Alice Blackhurst, and little Ethel Levisay who carried the ring.

The church was artistically decorated and the ladies carrying bouquets of roses presented a very pretty scene as they marched to the altar to music rendered by E. L. Fenton. Rev. J. P. Atkins was officiating minister.

Immediately after the ceremony the bridal couple started on a southern tour to Hilliard, Florida, where a reception awaited them at the home of the bridegroom’s brother, C. L. Burner. They will visit Jacksonville, St. Augustine and other cities.

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