100 Years Ago

Thursday, August 30, 1917

Not all of us can be Hoovers, but it behooves each of us to pay close attention to the science of living economically. The two main reasons are loyal service to our country, and a due respect for our pocketbooks. We cannot imagine a case in which duty and self-preservation are so nearly aligned. Meatless and wheatless days mean better health, and more money with which to buy the baby a new frock. We have all been living too high. We have all been eating more meat than was good for us. We have all acquired the habit of eating white bread and thereby inviting appendicitis to abide with us. The common saying was – that the average American family wasted enough to keep a French family…

– – –

William H. Brady died at his home at Brady, on the Dry Branch of Elk, Sunday, August 19, 1917, aged 77 years. He is survived by his wife and two sons, Charles and G. D. L. Brady. Mr. Brady was a Confederate soldier and saw service in the 19th Virginia, in Captain Marshall’s Company. He was a prisoner of war in Fort Delaware, and escaped, and made his way back to the confederate lines.

– – –

Dr. C. S. Kramer, the popular dentist, has received a commission as a first lieutenant in the Dental Reserve Corps of the United States Army and is subject to call for duty at any time. His many friends would hate to see him taken away from Marlinton, but nothing is too good for Uncle Sam.

– – –

The Pocahontas Horse Show at Hillsboro last week was considered by many to have been the best ever held. The crowds were large on each day, the weather all that could be desired, and the racing on the last day was especially fine. A feature was the racing of Dr. J. A. Arbuckle’s Dan Patch Mare, which without driver or cart would go the mile track in very fast time without a single break. The attendance on the second day was probably the largest in the history of the fair.

– – –

Have you filled a kit for some Pocahontas soldier? Anyone can do it, and there is one for you. Just send your name and address to Lucille McClintic, Marlinton, W. Va. She will send you the directions and what goes in each one. Red Cross meets twice a week – Tuesday and Friday afternoons. Can you come at least one evening a week? This Friday it meets at J. A. Sydenstricker’s. There is always something you can do. The American Red Cross is calling for supplies every day and we must do our part.

– – –

J. Henry Rider, who was convicted of being implicated in the burning of the Max Curry Store at Cass, has been paroled from the penitentiary. Arch Dilley came home several weeks ago, and Max Curry was pardoned last spring.


Ellis McCarty, a farmer living at Hillsboro, Pocahontas county, has the distinction of having made the first loan from a joint stock land bank organized under the government’s rural credit system, in accordance with the federal farm loan act. The loan was made by the Virginia Joint Stock Land Bank of Charleston, working under the second charter issued by the federal farm loan board.

The Charleston bank was the first to complete its organization and McCarty was the first farmer in the United States to become a beneficiary of the rural credit system…


The War Department has ordered that five percent of the county’s quota in the military draft report at Camp Lee, Petersburg, starting as follows:

September 5th – Carl A. Bruffey, Dallas Coe Adkison.

September 6th – Harry L. Byers, Chas. Coe Clendennin.

September 7th – Graham LaRue, Ralph A. Yeager.

September 8th – Clio B. McKeever, Chas. P. Hite.

The start will be made from Marlinton. Their equipment will be transportation, meal tickets and a tin cup. On September 19, forty percent of the men will be called to the colors.


The high school building is finished, the furniture ordered and the teachers appointed. We hope to see school open soon so that all who want an education can get it at a nominal cost. We hope everybody will put their whole energy to work to make it a general success, and a school that the county, as well as the district, will be proud of.

W. J. Yeager, wife and son, Arnett, passed thro’ town Friday enroute for Marlinton.

Adam Moore and family and William Moore, of Huntersville, motored to town last Sunday, attended Sunday school at the Methodist church, dined with J. H. Curry and wife and motored back by twilight.


“Vulgar of manner, overfed,
Over dressed, and underbred.
Heartless, Godless, Hell’s delight,
Rude by day and lewd by night.
Squirming horde in Mammon’s mesh
A wilderness of human flesh
Crazed by avarice, lust and rum,
New York, thy name’s Delirium.”


From A. H. Woods’ famous Broadway success, featuring Florence Reed, supported by Fania Marinoff and an all star cast, is the five reel “Gold Rooster” attraction at Amusu Theatre, Friday night, August 31st. Every Friday night. A Big Picture.
“Get on to them.”

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