Thursday, February 19, 1914

Snow to the depth of 13 inches on the ground at Marlinton Saturday morning, and 18 inches Monday morning. Lowest temperature, two degrees below zero Tuesday morning. As we go to press snow is melting rapidly under a heavy rain.

Word is received of the death of S. W. Crummett, of Staunton, which occurred at his home today. No particulars are given. He is an older brother of G. F. Crummett, of Marlinton. About a year ago his daughter was killed in a runaway accident at Lewisburg.

“Bishop” E. L. Warren who sells the earth and all that’s on it was here last Saturday with Edgar L. Huff, of Renick, closing the big sale of part of the Capt. A.M. Edgar farm at Falling Spring. This is a valuable farm and Mr. Huff is much pleased with his purchase. The farm was sold to Hannah & Kinsley, merchants, of Renick.

M. L. Johnston showed us some grape shot, minnie balls and pieces of bomb shells which he picked up on the Droop Mountain battlefield. He expects to send them to his father, who was in the battle.

The Overland-Hudson Automobile Agency has rented the room in the Woodman-Oddfellow building recently used as a sample room for the hotel, and will soon have on display their fine line of this season’s cars.

F. M. Hamrick was before Squire Smith Monday on a warrant sworn out by his wife, charging non-support. He was sentenced to sixty days in jail.


We surely have had plenty of snow – about twenty inches Monday morning and very cold. The snow was drifted so that we had no mail on Tuesday. The road superintendent, Les Beard, had some hands clearing the roads so that the traveling public could get along.

F. Hamed has been confined to his room for several days, threatened with pneumonia.

Cleve Riley has gone to Buffalo Mountain to work in the lumber camp.

Mack Kerr has been sawing wood for Jess Warwick. David Sheets has been firing the engine for him.

We have not seen any snakes yet, but Lanty Wooddell caught a ground hog one day last week that was brave enough to come out of its hiding place.

Died, Gilbert Hollen, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hollen February 12, aged about 17 years. He was laid to rest in the Kerr graveyard, near Kryder.

Died, infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Rosco Brown, February 13. It was laid to rest in a graveyard near S. J. Sutton’s where there are 13 infants buried. The sorrowing friends have the sympathy of the people of this whole community.


Ground hog weather sure enough.

Ab Dilley has gone to Chicago to get married.

Jim Bird says the wind blew his well so crooked that he had to draw the water with an auger.

Bob McQuain has gone to housekeeping.

Oscar Nottingham is moving back to his farm.

Died, infant child of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Noel, Monday. Mrs. Noel is critically ill.

If Montgomery Ward & Co. have a good miller, he could get a job here.

The big snowdrifts filled up lots of mud holes.


The ground hog weather began last Thursday, bringing with it between 6 and 7 inches of snow.

Jeff Williams dined Friday with his friend, the little man of our town,”B. F. Sharp.”

Some of the babies in this community have been very sick, but we are glad to say they are better.

Mrs. C. S. Curry is right much complaining at this writing.

Mrs. Lydia Hiner is not so well, we are sorry to say.

Taylor Townsend has been confined to his room for a few days with a crippled limb.


The box supper at Oak Grove School was quite a success considering the inclement weather. The crowd was large and the behavior good, and everything sold well. The proceeds will be used for interior decorations for the new building and a good school bell.

Pearlie Sheets has been quite indisposed for a few days.

Arthur Sutton is in Greenbrier county assisting his father-in-law P. L. Williams, in selling nursery stock for Stark Bros.

The Oak Grove literary society is doing nicely.


The Monroe Lumber Company is doing a rushing business this week. H. L. Kesler is doing the cutting.

A. W. Tallman came home from the Hinton Hospital where he had gone for treatment.

Clausin Sheets, near Hosterman, is very ill with pneumonia. We hope he will recover.

Born to Robert Hevner and wife, February 9, a son.

Price Swink is preparing to go to housekeeping.

Odey Cassell and Price Kesler have not been hauling lumber this week on account of the roads.


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