Wood found guilty on six counts

Jaynell Graham

A four-day trial before the Honorable Judge Robert E. Richardson began October 28 and ended with a jury finding James W. Wood, Jr., 27, of Marlinton, guilty on six of eight counts.

As to Count I of the indictment, Wood was found Guilty of Entry of a Building Other Than a Dwelling; Count II, Guilty of Unlawful Taking of a Vehicle; Count III, Guilty of Grand Larceny; Count IV, Guilty of Reckless Fleeing from a Law Enforcement Officer; Count V, Guilty of Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer; Count VIII, Guilty of Destruction of Property.

Counts VI and VII in the indictment were dismissed due to lack of evidence.

Wood was remanded to custody.

Sentencing is set for December 11 at 2:30 p.m.

This matter stems from an incident that occurred on September 19, 2018, when Pocahontas County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Shinaberry encountered what turned out to be a stolen side-by-side being operated illegally in the Town of Marlinton. When Shinaberry attempted to make a traffic stop, the individual, now identified as Wood, fled, attempting to elude the officer. A wild chase through the streets and alleys of the town ended temporarily at Marlinton Elementary School.

At that point Wood attempted to run over the officer; the officer fired several rounds, striking Wood, who then fled to the area near the mini-park on First Avenue, where he wrecked the side-by-side.

It was determined that Wood had also broken into Little General and stolen various items which were located in the ATV.

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