Winners ~ 2016 West Virginia RoadKill Cook-off

First place – $1,200 prize
Winner – East Meets West Virginia for their “One Ton Won Tons: Smashed Pota”doe” Patties, Chinese Chef Boar R-D Noodles, T-Boned Elk over Grits, Thumper Bumper over Grits.”
Roadkill feature: Venison, Boar, Rabbit and Elk
Head chefs: Janet Mitchell and Paul Wong
Assistant cooks: Mark Mitchell, Patrick Mitchell, James Mitchell, Anne Mitchell and Mark Hengemihle.
Second place – $600 prize
Winner – T’Ain’t EZ Bein Green for their “Rest in Bits and Pieces – 6 Ft. Under Greener Pastures.”
Roadkill feature: Venison, Duck, Chukar, Pheasant and Quail.
Head chefs: Patty Normandin and Alicia Kuhn
Assistant cooks: Norm Normandin, Dan Kuhn, Nickie Kuhn and Chad Draine.
Third place – $300 prize
Winner – You Hit ‘em… We Spit ‘em for their “I Wanna Iguana Nachos.”
Roadkill feature: Iguana
Head chef: Cher Megasdo
Assistant cook: Greg Todd

Showmanship – The Coal Hollow Brothers

People’s Choice – T’Ain’t EZ Bein Green

Award plaques provided by Pendleton Community Bank, Snowshoe Mountain Resort, The Dairy Queen and The Men’s Shop, NRAO Science Center and the Greater Greenbrier Community Foundation.

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