Williams River Road open to through travel

Williams River Road (Forest Road 86) on the Gauley Ranger District in Monongahela National Forest is now fully open to motor vehicle use, with certain safety measures in place. Previously, a portion of the road was closed from Tea Creek Campground to Three Forks Bridge due to washed out areas.

Two narrow sections of the road have single-lane restrictions. These two sections are close together, about seven miles upstream and east of the community of Dyer, just west of the Three Forks Bridge. Please use caution when traveling this area and obey posted speed limits.

Forest staff will regularly monitor road conditions. If safety issues arise, the road may be temporarily closed until they can be addressed. Non-motorized use of the road, such as walking, bicycling, and horseback riding, is permitted as usual.

Since the June 2016 flood, the Forest Service has made emergency repairs along the entire Williams River Road by replacing shoulder gravel, installing safety signs, and re-establishing drainage. Long-term repairs will be made in the future, and may require some temporary closures.

Contact the Gauley Ranger District at 304-846-2695 for more information and to report issues or problems with the road.

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