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Sometimes a photo just begs for a funny caption. Take, for instance, this shot of Rose and her cubs, Thorn and Brier, residents of Point of View Farm at Beard. When it crossed my desk, my first comment was, “What the heck was in that punch?” The staff decided this would be another good photo to put out to our readers for a “Caption Contest.” You have to study the photo pretty close to see where one bear starts and the other one ends. Send your caption to jsgraham@poc, call it in to 304-799-4973 or mail it to The Pocahontas Times, 206 8th Street, Marlinton, WV 24954. The winner will receive a free year’s subscription to The Pocahontas Times. Deadline for entries is Friday, March 22. Thank you in advance for your participation. Photo courtesy of J. Rosenthal

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