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Laura Dean Bennett
Contributing Writer

You might be from around here if:
• you can’t go visit most of your relatives without getting the vehicle muddy, and it better have four-wheel drive.
• you have a cap for all occasions – working stock, gardening, auctions, spaghetti suppers, fishing, hunting and a really clean one for “visiting.”
• you have ever had to wash off outside with a garden hose before you could come in the house. 
• you hate to throw away a five-gallon bucket, a pair of old work shoes or a length of twine.
• you can remember the fertilizer rate, seed population, herbicide rate and yields on your farm,  but need to be reminded about your kids’ birthdays. 
• you have ever rolled a riding lawn mower. 
• you have nearly driven off the road gawking at neighbor’s garden, crops or herd.
• you have never had to pay for a haircut.
• you have several styles and weights of long underwear.
• you keep a copy of the Farmer’s Almanac handy for quick reference.

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