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Turkey Trot has record year

Bill Blackshire and Kay Wiley use teamwork to cross the finish line – and show off a great sense of style with their fun turkey hats. Below, it’s a family affair as Julian Rittenhouse, daughter-in-law Rebecca and grandson Deacon enjoy the stroll around the Green Bank Observatory during the annual Turkey Trot. Photos courtesy of Mali Minter

The 2017 Turkey Trot at the Green Bank Observatory had a record number of entries Friday as folks came out to support a good cause and burn off some calories from Thanksgiving dinner.

Thirty-four ladies registered for the 5K and 10 for the 10K.

Twenty-nine men registered for the 5K and seven for the 10K.

Eighty-eight people paid the registration fee, but only 80 participated.

All proceeds from the event support the William Dilley Scholarship Fund and Pocahontas County High School Track.


In the 5K Turkey Trot
Ages 13 and under

Female: first place, Kaitlin Simmons, 35.14; second, Haley Spencer, 38.09.

Male: first place, Max O’Ganian, 22.26; second, Preston Nixon, 23.53.

Ages 14 to 19

Female: first place, Cora Hedrick, 24.04; tied for second, Kadance Beverage and Summer Beverage 38.15.

Male: first place Breece Ferrell, 20.22; second place, Jacob Jones, 20.43.

Ages 20 to 29

Female: first place Melodi Walkup, 22.08; second place, Maddie Ferrell, 26.48.

Male: first place, Jacob Sheets, 21.04; second place, Michael Simmons, 48.11.

Ages 30 to 39

Female: first place, Erin Rittenhouse, 27.13; second place, Morgan Cassell, 28.06

Male: first place Adam Taylor, 29.49; second placeNathan Rittenhouse, 33.22.

Ages 40 to 49

Female: first place, Heather Simmons, 39.13; second place, Rebecca Spencer, 41.59.

Male: first place, Paul Marganian, 22.43; second place, Nathan Gibson, 36.02.

Ages 50 to 59

Female: first place, Elaine Sheets, 29.43; second place, Laura Bailey, 34.34.

Male: first place Julian Rittenhouse, 43.45; second place Bill Blackshire, 53.55.

Age 60+

Female: first place Crisandra Tephabock, 32.44; second place, Mary Sue Burns, 37.25.

Male: first place, Bob Sheets, 31,52; second place Charles Ford, 40.06.

Overall First Place

Female: Melodi Walkup

Male: Breece Ferrell

Results in the 10K

Ages 20 to 29

Female: first place, Samantha Bailey, 63.12.

Ages 30 to 39

Female: first place, Kristy Rhea, 66.06; Second Place Jenny Fessler, 68.32.

Male: first place, Travis Simpson, 40.12; second place, Kellyn Cassell, 45.21.

Ages 40 to 49

Female: first place, Rebecca Adams, 59.35; second place Ann Hall, 60.10.

Male: first place, J. T. Arbogast, 53.10; second place, Michael Layne, 57.56.

Ages 50 to 59

Male: first place, Mike Stennes, 56.40.

Age 60+

Female: first place, Linda Tracy, 81.16; second place, Susan Chappell, 87.31.

Male: first place, Frank Varisco, 67.26.

Overall First Place

Female: Rebecca Adams

Male: Travis Simpson

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