Tips to help first responders

Michael O’Brien
Director, Emergency Management

If you have an emergency, will first responders be able to quickly find your home?

Extra minutes spent trying to locate a property could mean the difference between life and death.

Here are some tips to ensure that your location is clear to emergency responders:

• Use a minimum of three-inch tall reflective numbers and put them on your house in a way that they can be seen when approaching your house from either direction.

• Post your 9-1-1 address not only on your mailbox, but also on your driveway so first responders will know they have the correct house and how to access it

• Make sure your address is not blocked by weeds, flowers or branches

• Script numbers or numbers spelled out in words may look pleasing to the eye, but can be difficult to quickly read from the street, and brass or bronze numbers can be difficult to see

• Use numbers that contrast with the color of the background

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