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Teachers strike to oppose omnibus bill

Pocahontas County teachers were among those from 54 of 55 counties who walked off the job Tuesday to express their opposition to SB451, a controversial Education Reform Bill. The bill bounced back and forth between the West Virginia House and Senate for several days. By early afternoon Tuesday, teachers learned that the House had “killed the bill ” – tabled it indefinitely. Above, American Federation of Teachers Pocahontas County President Denise Sharp speaks to teachers Tuesday during a planning meeting at McClintic Library and Information Center. At right, striking teachers took up their posts on the bridge in Marlinton for the second time in 13 months. Teachers were out for nine days last January to protect their PEIA insurance, and gained a five percent pay increase. The teachers said that Tuesday’s strike was for the students. See page 2 for background information on this issue. L. D. Bennett and J. Burt-Kinderman photos

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